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Sargent, Lyman Tower. Rethinking Utopia and Utopianism: The Three Faces of Utopianism Revisited and Other Essays. Ralahine Utopian Studies Volume 26. Oxford, Eng.: Peter Lang, 2022.




Chapter 1 The Three Faces


Revisiting “The Three Faces of Utopianism”

The Three Faces of Utopianism Revisited (1994)


Reconsiderations 2000-2016


Reflections from 2021



Chapter 2 Utopian Literature


Reconsiderations 2000-2016

The Problem of the ‘Flawed Utopia’: A Note on the Costs of Utopia (2003)


What is a Utopia? (2005)


Reflections from 2021


Intentional Communities/Utopian Practice

Chapter 3 Intentional Communities/Utopian Practice


Reconsiderations 2000-2016

The Intersection of Utopianism and Communitarianism (2005)


Theorizing Intentional Community in the Twenty-First Century (2012)


Reflections from 2021

Utopian Social Theory


Chapter 4 Utopian Traditions


Reconsiderations 2000-2016

Utopian Traditions: Themes and Variations (2000)


The Mutability of Utopia: An Historical and Political Analysis of Changes in Utopianism (2007)


Reflections from 2021


Chapter 5 The Importance of Utopianisms


Reconsiderations 2000-2016

The Necessity of Utopian Thinking: A Cross-National Perspective (2005)


In Defense of Utopia (2006)


Choosing Utopia: Utopianism as an Essential Element in Political Thought and Action (2007)


Reflections from 2021


Chapter 6 Utopianisms and National and Personal Identities


Reconsiderations 2000-2016

Utopianism and National Identity (2000)


Utopian Literature and the Creation of National and Personal Identities (2002)


Reflections from 2021




Chapter 7 Global Utopianisms


Reconsiderations 2000-2016

Colonial and Postcolonial Utopias (2010)


Colonial Utopias/Dystopias (2016)


Reflections from 2021




Chapter 8 Utopia and Ideology


Reconsiderations 2000-2016

Ideology and Utopia (2013)


Reflections from 2021


Chapter 9 Conclusion


Reconsiderations 2000-2016


Theorizing Utopia/Utopianism in the Twenty-First Century (2012)


Reconsiderations from 2020

Utopia Matters! The Importance of Utopianism and Utopian Scholarship


Concluding Reflections in 2021




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