Blade Runner

November 4-8  BBC Radio 3 had five fifteen minute commentaries on "2019 The Year of Blade Runner." These can be access for about a month after they were broadcast.

Mystery novels and utopianism

I just ran across a mystery novel, the second in a series by Tania Bayard, that has Christine de Pizan as the detective solving a mystery in 1393. I haven't read it, but it made me wonder if there were other crossovers like this.

There are also substantial series of mystery novels set in Amish and Shaker communities.

Op-Eds From the Future

Online The New York Times has a series of what it calls "Op-Eds from the Future". There have been nine so far, and all, albeit brief, can be considered utopias, mostly dystopian. They are now being posted every two weeks with a wide range of authors from regular NYT columnists to SF authors.

I expect that most people known that Nature has a somewhat similar feature. Every issue as as its last page a one page story with the series simply called Futures. All but a few are SF with little or no social content, but a few are utopias.


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