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Elif Sendur Ph.D.

Elif Sendur’s research focuses on film history and theory, science fiction film and literature, body and queer studies, critical posthumanism and disability studies. Her dissertation titled “Cinephilia, Ideology, Criticism: The Figure of the Critic in Cahiers du Cinéma 1951-1971,” examines the French cinema journal Les Cahiers du Cinéma’s search for a Marxist, revolutionary cinema criticism in response to the post-1968 events in France. Asking the question of ideology and film, her research opens up ways to think about film’s affect and critic’s ethical role via the untranslated works in the journal. Her second research explores the placement and representation of monstrous, queer, and unruly bodies in literature, anime, and film, especially in the genre of science fiction and New Weird literature and media. Her most recent works are  “Undoing Agencies: Tentacular Spaces and Sympoiesis in Octavia Butler’s Lilith’s Brood” in Studies in the Humanities’ special issue on ecocriticism and disability studies exploring Butler’s work as a possibility of sympoiesis and intra-action and “Area X, Tangible Bodies and the Impossibility of Individuation” that concentrates on JeffVanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy and corporeality.

Besides academia, she has worked as a program coordinator and as a health educator, in the Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project and she is dedicated to advocate for the equity and inclusion of marginalized communities. She serves as H- Film editor for the last 4 years and the Humanities and Social Sciences board council for the last two. Her aim as an editor is to promote open, honest, collaborative conversations and works among film and media scholars.

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