Publication Venue Question

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I'm looking for suggestions on where I might look to publish some new data about Americans' views on, and uses of, TV and film as sources of history. The findings were collected as part of a nationwide survey I co-directed with the American Historical Association on the public's broader views about the past. We published our report (see AHA website), but a lot of information about the public's attitudes toward and uses of film didn't make it into that final report.

I think our findings would be of great interest to people like those on this list, but I haven't seen similar material published in history/film-related venues. Mind you, this wouldn't simply be a data dump: I'd analyze and contextualize the data. But that data and the accompanying charts are probably what most people would take greatest interest in.

If you know of legitimate journals or anthologies which might be appropriate for this, please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks in advance.

Pete Burkholder
Fairleigh Dickinson Univ.