Film Matters 12.1 is out now!

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Intellect is pleased to announce that Film Matters 12.1 is out now!


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Aims and Scope


Film Matters is an exciting film magazine, celebrating the work of undergraduate film scholars. It is published three times a year, by students and for students, and each issue contains feature articles, as well as a healthy reviews section. In addition, with an undergraduate audience in mind, Film Matters includes occasional service-oriented pieces, such as profiles of film studies departments, articles that engage the undergraduate film studies community and prepare students for graduate study in this field, and resources and opportunities that undergraduate scholars can pursue. In an effort to give undergraduate scholars real-world, applied learning experiences, all Film Matters feature submissions undergo a peer review process. For more information and content visit the Film Matters website.


Issue 12.1



By Tim Palmer and Liza Palmer




Slow Motion in the Age of Intensified Continuity

By Cameron Detig


From Lotte Reiniger to Nguyễn Trinh Thi: Examining the Evolution of Non-Western Representation in Artists’ Film and Video

By Peter Horan


Romanticist Philosophy in Hindi Cinema: A Comparative Study of Keats, Shelley, and October

By Anushree Joshi and Saman Waheed


“To Begin on Again”: A Study of Early Cinema’s Unique Influence on Modernist Literature

By Maria Mutka


Three Cheers for the Essay Film: How Chris Marker’s Vive la baleine Epitomizes Timothy Corrigan’s Model

By Abby Walkur


Deconstructing the Other’s Other: Analyzing the Chinese Female Image in the Film Saving Face

By Chuyi Zhang




Interview with Independent Filmmaker Mukesh Asopa

By Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie


“We Weren’t Friends after This”: Michael Paré on Playing the Adult Trip Fontaine

By Anya Ekaterina


The Trial of the Chicago 7: More Radical than Fiction

By Nathan Foster


Raise the Red Lantern: A Critique of Patriarchy in Chinese Cinema

By Anna Nicole Standridge




Scream, Steven West (2019)

By Julia Desmond


Writing for the Screen: Creative and Critical Approaches, 2nd ed., Craig Batty and Zara Waldeback (2019)

By Andrew Steven Williford


Marxist Film Theory and Fight Club, Anna Kornbluh (2019)

By Marco Poloni


American Eccentric Cinema, Kim Wilkins (2019)

By A. G. Lawler




Downton Abbey (2019)

By Jessica Kernan


Loving Vincent (2017)

By August U. Schaller




Wild Strawberries (1957)

By Drew Pisano and Jesse Schlotterbeck


Salesman (1969)

By Ryan McDonald


Man Push Cart (2005)

By Kevin Roberts


The Shining (1980)

By Tylen Watts


The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2016)

By Candyce Edwards


Three Films by Luis Buñuel

By Morgan DeAtley