Northern Lights: Film & Media Studies Yearbook 18 is out now! 

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Intellect is excited to announce that Northern Lights: Film & Media Studies Yearbook 18 is out now! 


Special Issue: ‘Europe at the Crossroads: Cinematic Takes’ 


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Aims & Scope


Northern Lights is a peer-reviewed international publication dedicated to studies of film and media. The yearbook is a meeting place for Nordic, European and global perspectives on film and media. The editors stress the importance of interdisciplinary research and welcome contributions on both old and new media.


Issue 18



Temenuga Trifonova 




European cinema: Between Mit-sein, Da-sein and Nah-sein 

Thomas Elsaesser


Crossing the European boundary: The conjoined figures of colonizer and migrant in Zama (Martel, 2017) and The Other Side of Hope (Kaurismäki, 2017) 

Ali Rıza Taşkale and Şima H. Erdoğan


Universality, spectrality, proximity: The cinematic faces of Europe’s other 

Boris Pantev


From ‘face-to-face’ to ‘side-by-side’: The abject neighbour in European cinema 

Seung-hoon Jeong


Gifts of welcome: Precarity, intimacy and the gift in Die Farbe des Ozeans (Peren, 2011) and Welcome (Lioret, 2009) 

Maria Stehle and Beverly Weber


From postnational mobility to posthuman fluidity: Unfixed identities and social responsibilities in Personal Shopper (Assayas, 2016) and Happy End (Haneke, 2017) 

Mary Harrod


Out of bounds: The spatial politics of civility in The Square (Östlund, 2017) and Happy End (Haneke, 2017) 

Elizabeth Ezra


Europe, spectrality and ‘post-mortem cinema’: The haunting of history in Christian Petzold’s Transit (2018) and Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre (2011) 

Alice Bardan


Thinking Europe from the margins and through marginal cinema: The case of The Nothing Factory (Pinho, 2017) 

Mariana Liz