CFP: Film & History at PCAACA (10/1/17; 3/28-31/18)

Cynthia Miller Discussion

Film & History

March 28-31, 2018

Indianapolis, IN

Deadline: October 1, 2017

All Proposals & Abstracts Must Be Submitted Through The PCA Database.

Please submit a proposal to only one area at a time. Exceptions and rules


Proposals for papers, panels, workshops, and roundtables are now being considered for the Film & History Area of the PCA/ACA National Conference. Proposals for the Film & History area should consider some aspect of the intersection among film, history, society, and culture, exploring films as social and historical artifacts of the culture from which they arise, as well as the role played by film in constructing, shaping, and re-imagining history. Papers may take a single film focus, or make comparative considerations, as well as exploring critical films focused on a given era, individual, or historical event. Examples would include papers that examine the following areas in a given film or films:

  • Documentaries: How true is ‘The Truth’?
  • Exploring representations of race, ethnicity, and gender in fiction or non-fiction
  • Biographies of key artistic, political, military, activist, or cinematic figures
  • Representations of wars, the West, borders, national characters and ideologies
  • Comedy and social commentary
  • Cult, alternative, and independent films and icons through history


Additionally, papers exploring our current focus: “Representations of Home” are especially welcome.  These might include, but are not limited to:

  • Longing and Belonging on Film
  • People In and Out of Place On Film and Television
  • Locating Home in Transnational Cinema
  • Screening Race, Ethnicity, and Home
  • The Horrors of Home on Screen

and many more!!

Submit a one-page (150-250 word) proposal or abstract to the PCA Database.

Please send all inquires to:

Cynthia J. Miller

Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies

Emerson College

120 Boylston St.

Boston, MA  02116