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Indy Vinyl For The Masses is an open-ended collaborative video essay project, exploring – amongst other things – the relationship between moving images and popular music. The project is open to anyone – experienced videoessayists and first-timers alike. It is designed to generate a whole host of videos and to accommodate a wide range of subject matter and audiovisual approaches. There are four basic rules:

  • Each video must begin with a visual clip from a screen media sequence that features a piece of pop music
  • This piece of pop music provides the soundtrack for the video as a whole and should last a maximum of five minutes
  • The video must be a collaboration between several creators, one contributor adding clips, from any type of screen media, before passing it on to the next contributor to add theirs
  • Each video should relate to a project theme, as well as specific keywords/prompts suggested by the video’s curator. The two themes running just now are ‘Walking’ and ‘Dreaming’

If you want to join in, please fill in this contact details form. If you have any further questions, please e-mail Ian Garwood at

More guidelines and information about process here.

If you are new to editing and want some tips, you might find this document useful.

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