Screen Bodies (Vol. 7, Issue 2)

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The latest issue of Screen Bodies: The Journal of Embodiment, Media Arts, and Technology has published! The special section of this issue is about Artificial Intelligence on screen.


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Volume 7, Issue 2


Editor's Introduction

Algorithmic Aesthetics: Bodies and Subjects in the Era of Big Data

Andrew J. Ball


General Articles

Quantities Over Qualities: Metric and Narrative Identities in Dataveillant Art Practice

Amy Christmas


Narrating (Sur)face: The Marquardt Mask and Interdisciplinary Beauty

Kallie Strode


Cyborgian Salariats: Rationalization and the White-Collar Worker in Sasha Stone’s “Hundred-Horsepower Office”

Stephanie Bender


Special Section: Screening Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the Machine: Artificial Intelligence on Screen

Rebekah Brammer


The Face of the Future: An Ethical Examination of Lucrecia Martel’s AI

Abby Sacks


Loneliness and Love: The Potential of Human-AI Relations as Explored by Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema

Abby Lauren Kidd


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