Screen Bodies (Vol. 7, Issue 1): Lu Yang

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The latest issue of Screen Bodies: The Journal of Embodiment, Media Arts, and Technology has published! his special issue focuses on critically acclaimed new media artist and rising star, Lu Yang.


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Volume 7, Issue 1

Lu Yang: An Artist in Transformation



Lu Yang: An Artist in Transformation

Ari Heinrich, Livia Monnet, and Gabriel Remy-Handfield


Part 1: Early Works

An Otaku with Chinese Characteristics?: Localizing Japanese ACG Currents in Lu Yang’s The Beast

Fred Shan


Lu Yang’s Cancer Baby: Coercions of the Image

Jennifer Dorothy Lee


Part 2: Approaches to The Great Adventure of (the) Material World—Game Film

“Like a Dream, an Illusion, a Drop of Dew, a Flash of Lightning”: Buddhist (Un)reality, Thought Experiments, and the “Ecological Dharma Eye” in Lu Yang’s Material World Knight Game Film

Livia Monnet


Challenging Binaries in Posthuman Worlds: An Analysis of Lu Yang’s The Great Adventure of Material World

Jori Snels


Part 3: Bodies, Embodiments, and the Human

Aesthetics of Futurism: Lu Yang’s Art and an Organological Redefinition of the Human in the Planetary Age

Hai Ren


The Aesthetic of Grotesque in Lu Yang’s Delusional Mandala and Delusional World

Gabriel Remy-Handfield


Part 4: Collaboration and Curating

Cyclic Existence, Iteration, and Digital Transcendence: Lu Yang’s Live Motion Capture Performances

Ashley Lee Wong


Pushing the Boundaries: Curating LuYang, a Global Artist Embedded in Local Situatedness

Nora Gantert and Malte Lin-Kröger


Part 5: Doku and the Condition of the Digital Avatar

Solitude in Pixels: Lu Yang’s Digital Figuration of Corporeality

Pao-chen Tang


Avatar vs. Artist

Barbara Pollack



Lu Yang: Planetary Techno-Orientalism

Christophe Thouny


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