Film International 19.4 is out now

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Intellect is pleased to announce that Film International 19.4 is out now!


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Aims & Scope


Film International covers film culture as part of the broader culture, history and economy of society. We address topics of contemporary relevance from historically-informed perspectives. We wish to bridge the gap between the academy and the outside world, and encourage the participation of scholars from a variety of disciplines. We refuse the facile dichotomies of 'high' and 'low', Hollywood and independent, art and commercial cinema. We discuss Hollywood films seriously, and 'art' movies critically. We aim at becoming a truly international journal, recognising local specificities, but also the ultimate interconnectedness of an increasingly globalised world. 


Issue 19.4



By Daniel Lindvall


Death of the American Dream: Robert Altman’s McCabe & Mrs. Miller 50 years later

By Mark Lager


Special Section: ‘In Memory of Victor Perkins’


In Memory of Victor Perkins: Introduction

By Charles Warren, William Rothman and Murray Pomerance


The Integrity of Film: Victor Perkins and some cousins in aesthetics

By Charles Warren


Film as Film and the Personal

By William Rothman


Upstairs, Downstairs: Victor Perkins and Nicholas Ray’s domesticity

By Murray Pomerance




A Pure Mathematical Tragedy: Denis Villeneuve’s Incendies

By Milo Sweedler


The Comedy Editor’s Philosophy

By Roger Nygard


‘I Wanted Some Fucking Rinky-Dink Movie Career’: Quentin Tarantino, the director-as-DJ and stardom in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

By Carl Sweeney


Defining Post-Catastrophe Cinema

By Stephen Lee Naish


A Copy of a Copy of a Cop: Fincher’s envious Zodiac

By Martin Kevorkian


Review: Nitram

By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas


Interview: Ann Hui

By Tom Ue


Interview: Kristen Anderson Wagner

By Anna Weinstein


Review: The Complete Films of Agnès Varda

By Sandy Flitterman-Lewis


Review: Original Cast Album: Company

By J. M. Tyree


Review: Ashes and Diamonds

By Jeremy Carr


Review: Resetting the Scene: Classical Hollywood Revisited

By Marshall Deutelbaum


Review: Who Says?

By John Talbird


Parting Words: Remembering Steve Neale

By Frank Krutnik