Teaching online in a time of Covid-19

Teaching online in a time of Covid-19


So... you have been placed in the position of teaching online and you're not quite sure if you have been doing it correctly. Maybe, you would like to have some guidance to ensure you have been approaching it in the most effective way possible. Here are some online courses to help you check in and make sure you are on the right track:

1) FutureLearn: How To Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students [Self-paced, free]

2) FutureLearn: Teaching English Online [Self-paced, free]

3) FutureLearn; Teaching for Home Learning: Primary Science [Self-paced, free]

4) FutureLearn; Teaching for Home Learning: Secondary Science [Self-paced, free]

Sometimes, taking an online course with no Instructor can feel like trying to assemble furniture with only written instructions. It may be that self-paced, online courses are not a good fit for you, and you would prefer to receive human guidance as you go through the learning process. If this is you, there is an InterAmerican Development Bank (IADB) online course that may be a better fit for you. It is Instructor-led, however, there is a fee attached to it:

5) IADB Online Teacher Training

The Coursera platform is hosting a number of free MOOCs on online teaching and several of them are beginning today, May 11th 2020:

The University of New South Wales (Australia) is hosting:

6) UNSW: Learning To Teach Online

The University System of Georgia is hosting:

7) K-12 Blended & Online Learning

Arizona State University is hosting:

8) Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online

This list is by no means exhaustive. It simply provides a place to start if you have been thinking about brushing up your online teaching skills. Best of luck!