Bloom's Taxonomy and Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning

Bloom's Taxonomy and Digital tools

Bloom's taxonomy is a tool which teachers use to help in the development of learning objectives. Bloom's taxonomy is also useful for designing classroom activities and assessments of student learning. It is one of the most basic and most important tools that teachers can use to promote student learning.

The following video is a very simple explanation of Bloom's taxonomy for the cognitive domain produced by "Mister Simplify" on YouTube. The value in this explanation is the way in which it takes a potentially complex topic and makes it simple and accessible in a very short period of time.


Simple explanation of Bloom's taxonomy

Mister Simplify - Explanation of Bloom's taxonomy





Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning

How can teachers ensure the digital tools they use to support student learning is consistent with the learning outcomes they hope will be achieved?

The video below by Common Sense Education shows how to develop alignment between the cognitive levels in Bloom's taxonomy and the various digital tools that teachers can use in their instructional practice. The video first gives a short introduction to the evolution of Bloom's taxonomy and then discusses how these levels can be achieved with the use of digital tools.

This video is a good starting point for teachers who are interested in discovering which digital tools to use for different instructional outcomes.

Common Sense Education - Bloom's Digital Taxonomy