Happy Birthday EDTECH

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My apologies.  I'm actually a bit late on this.  The actual birthday was on the 10th.

And truth be told this is an old post with inaccurate data.  Since EDTECH moved to H-NET I'm not able to track the data as intuitively as I was when we were just a listserv.  That all said here was a post crafted by an editor prior to my arrival that I try to send out annually.  Clearly I was tardy this year.


        EDTECH celebrates its 30 years today, Sunday, February 10, 2019.
        EDTECH currently has 5,638 [this number is accurate as of today]
members representing 61 countries. (See the bottom of this posting for a
breakdown of membership by country [that information is
no longer trackable and isn't necessarily current].) It
was founded on February 10, 1989, by a group of graduate students and
faculty at Michigan State University, lead by Vickie Banks Gaynor, to further
communication among students and professionals in the field of educational
technology.  It subsequently joined the H-NET Humanities and Social
Sciences Online list umbrella, though the original BitNet feed is still
available through Google Groups.
        The current list moderators include Jeff Hogan, and
Kathy-Ann Daniel-Gittens. Details about them can be viewed through the "Editors"
menu item on EDTECH's H-Net Web presence at http://www.h-net.org/~edweb/.
Moderators donate their time, and have no direct affiliation with H-Net or
Michigan State University, though the list abides by H-Net standards and
        If you are one of our long-time subscribers, we'd enjoy hearing
from you about how you've used EDTECH over the years, and any stories you
have about ways the list has been useful for you. Simply respond to this
thread. We'd love to hear from you!
        Here are a few details about how all this works.

-> The EDTECH list is moderated -- all postings are reviewed by an editor
before being forwarded to the list. EDTECH accepts contributions from
anyone (you need not be a member to post), but membership is required if
you want to receive list activity via email. For details on how you can
manage your interactivity with the list, follow the "Manage Subscription"
menu item on the EDTECH website.

-> Since list contributions are distributed by the lead moderator for
review by the others before posting, there may be a delay of up to 24
hours or so before your contribution is forwarded to the membership
(hopefully a lot less!). Please be patient, but, by all means, ask if you
think your posting got lost.

-> EDTECH reserves the right to refuse any posting. We ask that all
contributions be relative to the topic of technology use in education. We
require an email signature with full name, email address, and professional
affiliation to accompany all contributions (no anonymous participation is
allowed). We assume that any recommendations of products, services,
websites, or other resources come from individuals with no commercial
interest in their use (commercial solicitations are not allowed). We also
ask that postings avoid strong language and attacks on individuals. Any
posting deemed in violation of these policies will be returned to the
contributor with an explanation, frequently with suggestions on how it
might be edited to bring it into compliance. If you have questions about
our policies, by all means send it to the list, attention the editors, and
we'll get back to you. Open discussions on the list about list policies
are welcomed, but the moderators reserve the right to make final

-> All postings are publically viewable through the archives and Google
Groups presence, and are FOREVER. Periodically we receive requests to have
a posting taken down because, in hind-site, the contributor has found
their words might impact their professional status (or other reason).
These requests generally cannot be honored, and are often moot anyway,
since feeds, archives, and quotes cause internet content to live beyond
their original presence in our archives. As in all things Internet, think
carefully before you hit "send!"

     Thanks for your continued contributions to EDTECH. In an age where
there are dozens of sexier digital communications platforms out there,
EDTECH has remained an active international community of thousands of
educators sharing their time and ideas on the use of technology in
educational practice and professional work. Thanks again!
Jeffrey L. Jones, EDTECH Editor #6 (the original writer of this)
Current Editors:
Jeff Hogan
Kathy-Ann Daniel-Gittens 

[All of the information below was from 2011]
*  Country                  Subscribers
*  -------                  -----------
*  Argentina                          2
*  Australia                         52
*  Austria                            2
*  Belgium                            6
*  Bermuda                            1
*  Brazil                            10
*  Canada                           243
*  China                              2
*  Cocos (Keeling) Islands            1
*  Colombia                           3
*  Cyprus                             1
*  Czech Republic                     5
*  Denmark                            1
*  ??? (EU)                           1
*  Ecuador                            1
*  Estonia                            1
*  Finland                            5
*  France                             6
*  Germany                            7
*  Greece                            10
*  Hong Kong                          8
*  Iceland                            1
*  India                              6
*  Indonesia                          4
*  Ireland                            6
*  Israel                             7
*  Italy                              4
*  Jamaica                            1
*  Japan                              9
*  Jordan                             1
*  Latvia                             1
*  Lebanon                            2
*  Malaysia                           8
*  Mexico                             4
*  Netherlands                       11
*  New Zealand                       21
*  Norway                             3
*  Oman                               1
*  Philippines                        1
*  Poland                             1
*  Portugal                           5
*  Republic of Korea                  2
*  Russian Federation                 2
*  ??? (SU)                           1
*  Saudi Arabia                       3
*  Singapore                          2
*  South Africa                      11
*  Spain                              4
*  Sudan                              1
*  Switzerland                        1
*  Taiwan                             8
*  Thailand                           3
*  Turkey                             5
*  U.S. Virgin Islands                1
*  United arab emirates               4
*  United kingdom                    27
*  United states                  4,599
*  Venezuela                          1
*  Viet nam                           2
*  Yemen                              1
*  ???                               31
* Total number of "concealed" subscribers:          72
* Total number of users subscribed to the list:   5174  (non-"concealed"
* Total number of countries represented:            61  (non-"concealed"
* Total number of local host users on the list:      0  (non-"concealed"





I have to say that EDTECH may be 30 years old - but it's become close to dead since going to the moderated forum model, from an email list.

There are practically no posts, and the few that I've seen have been things like calls for papers and conference announcements.

The last substantive post - a request for information - dates to last October, and received zero replies.

I kind of wonder if anybody is actually reading the list in its current incarnation. Which is a real shame - there aren't any really good edtech forums left.

I wish I could disagree with you Miles. On my end it was so much simpler when I got alerted in my mailbox with a reply. And replying to that made it so much easier to dialogue.

Now, it works more like a CMS; but, you can't reply to the message you receive. I cant' say that's an excuse though as other groups made the switch and have thrived.

One would think an EDTECH group would survive a technology upgrade; but, it sadly hasn't.

Actually, I've seen very few groups make the transition from email list to forum. List with archives, list with an alternate forum-like interface, yes - but ultimately, we (the Internet community) have been running a 50-year experiment, and email lists have emerged as a core tool for holding communities & projects together.

Perhaps it's time to resurrect EDTECH as an email list?

I'm among those who was thrown for a loop with the technology upgrade. In a nutshell: after we hit "reply" we will be prompted to log in to our H-Net account (use the email address that gets the messages). The hard part for me is recalling the password.

I'd love to see this group revive. I'm on a couple of interest groups. It seems as if they do divide between the groups that function primarily as announcements, and those that foster discussions.

Discussion gets fostered if there are moderators who are proactive in finding materials to post -- you have to "seed" it; and possibly set up or announce a discussion topic on a regular schedule. The trick is to remain inclusive.

Clear goals are important, a clear idea of the constituency, and how to get everyone engaged with the list.

As we hope this list might wake up after a nice long nap, let me say a little about myself. I have been on this list because I would love to find out more about people's experiences using different software for teaching. I teach online courses at the college level in anthropology. I've used a couple of different teaching platforms and developed courses using these. I'm always trying out new software for the students. It would be helpful to know more about practice and how these things work out in real life.

Hello everyone, I'm new to this group and would like to introduce myself.

I am the Instructional Designer at a community college, so educational technology is my day job. I'm responsible for the design quality and accessibility of about 200 online, hybrid, and HyFlex courses, as well as faculty development and project management. I also teach history courses online so I can try out different tools in live classes.

Carol, your email prompted me to post this because I'm curious about what platforms and software you have used in teaching anthropology - we can compare notes.

Currently we use Blackboard as our Learning Management System, with Ally fully integrated to help faculty monitor the accessibility of their materials. I've been working in my own classes on Open Pedagogy assignments, and do a lot with metacognition and student learning.

What does everyone else do?

Carol and Miles, I'll agree with you. It may be laziness on my part; but, I also loathe the fact that I can't just reply to the thread from my email browser. I know I've voiced that complaint a few times; but, I think it's just the nature of our LMS they use.

And, Carol your point is well grounded. I am the only moderator that remains from the email list days and I haven't put much energy into reviving this. I've tried the occasional blog posting to share resources; but, I take full responsibility for not seeding this as well as it could.

We did bring on another moderator some years back who wants to see this succeed; but, I won't like we don't really collaborate (and again I'll take the blame for that). In fact, I was ready to let it go a few months ago; but, the other moderator didn't want to see it expire.

When I found this list Carol I taught K-12 and that was a time when this list easily had 20-30 posts a day. In 2007 I started teaching in higher education and also teach online primarly using Canvas. In fact, I shared a blog post not too long ago dealing with some canvas tricks.

I'll try to dig up more.

But, like you say -- it has to be intentional. I saw Miles post come in last Thursday and didn't reply because I knew I'd have to login, authenticate, reply and then go into the system and release the reply through the moderation tool. And that was about six extra clicks than I had the patience for in that moment.

Oh, and I'll also add one other humongous irritant about this new (well, it's not new anymore so I'll say "different") I don't get alerted to new messages to moderate. So I don't come here every day, or even every week. I just come here occasionally and usually only find a CFP that expired.

So, maybe it's time to move the list elsewhere. There's got to be a copy of mailman or listserv running at the university. Or migrate it to a google group.

5638 members, and practically no activity - does that indicate lots of expired members, or what?

For that matter, what are alternative lists/forums for folks interested in EDTECH.

Perhaps a poll of the list is in order.