Wayback: From the EDTECH Archives

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The Talk of EDTECH 25 Years Ago, in March 1989:

Video games that teach:  “I see my children's enthusiasm over video games and wonder why the educational system can't capitalize on that.  Even some of the 'entertaining' video games teach skills -- memorization, strategy, eye-hand coordination!  Is it any wonder that kids tune out in the traditional school setting when many have such a media-rich home environment?  One of the high points in my son's second grade experience is the day they get to watch 3-2-1 CONTACT on tv!” -- Marilyn Everingham

Forming a reading group: “Is there any interest in forming a reading group of sorts ?  I thought we might choose an article or theme and read related articles and have some discussions about them/it.  I'm not really sure how to choose a topic or theme, perhaps we could have an informal survey of some kind or just rotate the moderation of the discussion with the moderator choosing the topic area. I see this as a way to work collaborativly to develop our knowledge bases about different topics and to collect references and ideas from colleagues. Anyone have some thoughts on the subject ?” -- Mark Rosenberg

EDTECH founder Vicki Banks reported on an ICTE paper by Margaret Niess; among the findings: “They highly valued the skill of being able to take a computer and weave its use into a variety of aspects of the regular curriculum, rather than reshape the curriculum to the computer.  Training in this area was probably the strongest expressed need.”

New technologies: David Fletcher reported about the use of “Real Time Writer” at Lehman College, “an interactive software dialogue system on which students can develop their ideas, questions, texts in writing through social interaction with their peers. ... Students are learning how to write, consider audience, style, and so forth through written social interaction, which moves them from solitary and individual computer composing and into a responsive and collaborative network.”