Library of Congress subject headings and call numbers, History of Education

Included please find the Library of Congress list of subject headings and corresponding call numbers relating to the History of Education (call number range LA 1 thru LA 2396.Z).***

It has been included on the H-Education resources page as a reference tool that tells researchers where they might physically browse the stacks for useful materials, and because it provides interesting insight into the manner in which the history of education field is structured/organized by the Library of Congress.  

On reading the document:
All call numbers in this document begin LA and are followed by the number on the left. 
Each indentation to the right indicates a subtopic within the above topic.  As an example, on page 29 it reads:

By region or country
            Great Britain
                 General, and England
                                20th century -- Continued
631.8                              General works
631.82                             1944-2000
631.83                     21st century
632                  General works
                                 Class here works by contemporary writers on current situation, etc.
633                  Elementary education
                        Secondary education
634                        History
635                        General works. Present situation
                        Higher education
636                             General, and general modern
636.3                          Early and medieval
636.4                          16th century
636.5                          17th-18th centuries
636.7                          19th century
626.8                          20th century    
636.82                        21st century


A book with the call number LA636.7 would be about the history of English higher education during the 19th century (Great Britain  -> England -> Higher education -> History -> 19th Century). 


***It is an excerpt from the freely available 2018 edition of Library of Congress Classification, specifically section L (education) pages 23 - 45.