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Rick Mikulski

I am an Assistant Professor at Portland State University, where I serve as the Government Documents and Social Sciences Librarian. In this position, I provide instruction and research support to the College of Urban and Public Affairs, and I oversee the library’s data management services. I am also the coordinator of PSU's federal depository, which contains roughly 860,000 items.  I was previously a librarian at Drew University (NJ), where I was also a member of the History and Culture faculty. Before embarking upon my current academic career, I was the research librarian to the North Dakota Legislative Council, which serves as the nonpartisan research arm of the ND State legislature. I hold a BA (History) from SUNY Fredonia, as well as an MLS (Lib. Sci.), MA (History), and PhD (History) from the University at Buffalo. As a historian of higher education, I am interested in the processes and culture of academic professionalization in the United States and Britain, particularly during the nineteenth century.

Throughout grad school, and well into my career, I have often benefited from materials, comments, and discussions on the H-Education list. When presented with an opportunity to join as an editor in 2015, I quickly seized it. When I joined, H-Ed was already a vibrant hub for discussion, so my goal was to turn the H-Education website itself into a resource for finding history of education materials. In addition to the long-running monthly bibliography of recent publications, begun in 1997 by Dr. Penny Richards, H-Education has added a number of new resources over the last year. These materials include lists of history of education podcasts, journals, book reviews, archived discussion logs, and syllabi.

My hope for H-Education’s future is that it will continue serving as a forum for the history of education community, and as a hub through which scholars can find history of education resources.

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