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Each month, H-Education publishes a list of recent articles and reviews relating to the History of Education. These are materials found outside of "the usual" History of Education journals.  The reason for this exclusion is an assumption that H-Education subscribers are already familiar with these journals, and thus do not need to be alerted to their content.

Below is a list of journals that explicitly relate to the History of Education. This is meant as an ever-expanding list.  Note that I've excluded journals/serials that publish irregularly, or that have not published in several years.  Journals that have changed names or merged are included below by their most recent series title. To add to the list, please contact editorial-education@mail.h-net.org


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Annali di storia dell'educazione e delle istituzioni scolastiche

Annals of the history of education, ISSN 1723-9672

American Educational History Journal 
"American Educational History Journal. The American Educational History Journal is devoted to the examination of educational questions using perspectives from a variety of disciplines. With AEHJ, the Midwest History of Education Society encourages communication between scholars from numerous disciplines, nationalities, institutions, and backgrounds. Authors come from disciplines ranging from political science to curriculum to philosophy to adult education. Although the main criterion of acceptance for publication in AEHJ requires that the author present a well-articulated argument concerning an educational issue, the editors ask that all papers offer a historical analysis."

Brazilian History of Education Journal

"The Revista Brasileira de História da Educação (RBHE) is the official publication of the Brazilian Society for the History of Education (SBHE ). It has been circulating in national and international academic circles since 2001. Its e-ISSN is 2238-0094. The journal adopts the continuous publication of unpublished articles resulting from research, which address themes associated with the history and historiography of education. The objectives of RBHE are the wide circulation of knowledge and the promotion of discussion around the different problems that permeate the field of research and teaching in the history of education, from an interdisciplinary and plural perspective in theoretical and methodological terms. The journal also publishes dossiers, reviews and interviews with leading national and international personalities. Simultaneous submission to another journal is not allowed. Manuscripts can be submitted in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French."


Cadernos de história da educação

"The journal Cadernos de História da Educação has a four-monthly periodicity, with the publication of approximately forty-five articles annually. The authors are Brazilian and foreign researchers in the area of ​​History of Education, linked to different university institutions in the country and abroad. The journal is classified in stratum A2 of Qualis / Capes (Education Area, 2013-2016). The flow of receipt of proposals is continuous, with the possibility of submitting originals written in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian, with a specific focus on the area of ​​History of Education. The content published in the journal is of interest mainly to Brazilian and foreign scholars and researchers linked to the theme of the History of Education, but also to all those who are concerned with knowing the advances in knowledge within the scope of the Human Sciences. The journal does not charge any amount from the authors for submission, processing and publication of articles. ISSN: 1982-7806 (On Line)"

Candrasangkala Jurnal Pendidikan dan Sejarah

"Candrasangkala: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Sejarah (CJPS) is published by History Education Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa in collaboration with Perkumpulan Program Studi Pendidikan Sejarah Se-Indonesia (P3SI). Candrasangkala: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Sejarah (CJPS) firstly was published in 2015. Candrasangkala: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Sejarah (CJPS) also has E-ISSN: 2477-8214 and P-ISSN: 2477-2771. Since 2019, Candrasangkala: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Sejarah has national accredited as Peringkat IV (SINTA 4) based on Keputusan Direktur Jenderal Penguatan Riset dan Pengembangan, Kementerian Riset, Teknologi, dan Pendidikan Tinggi Republik Indonesia No: 28/E/KPT/2019, issued on Volume 4 nomor 1 Tahun 2018. Every year CJPS publish two issues at May and October. The range of carried studies in the publication includes education, history education, philosophy of history, historiography, history of education, and social sciences."

CIAN- Journal of the History of the Universities    

"CIAN-Revista de Historia de las Universidades publishes research articles on the history of the university in any of its periods as well as studies on current university problems. It was founded in 1998 and is disseminated digitally and in print. It consists of two digital numbers a year with which an annual paper number is composed. The magazine is edited by the Figuerola Institute of History and Social Sciences of the Carlos III University of Madrid."


Educació i història : revista d'història de l'educació

"Educació i Història is a biannual journal specializing in studies on education from a historical perspective, from the Societat d'Història de l'Educació dels Països de la Llengua Catalana , a subsidiary of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans. It began to be published in 1994. The most common topics are: pedagogical thinking; educational institutions; the phenomena of socialization and informal education; the relationship between politics and education; the history of the school; leisure education; school books and materials and topics relating to the teaching of the history of education."

Education & Culture  

"Education & Culture, published twice yearly by Purdue University Press, takes an integrated view of philosophical, historical, and sociological issues in education. Submissions of Dewey scholarship, as well as work inspired by Dewey's many interests, are welcome. JDS members receive the journal as part of their membership in the society. The most recent three years of the journal are only available online through Project Muse, but the archive is available Open Access here through Purdue e-Pubs, the online publishing platform of Purdue University. The journal publishes peer-reviewed critical essays, research studies, essay and book reviews, and “rejoinder” essays. Recommended lengths vary for critical essays, research studies, or essay reviews (7500 words); book reviews (1000-2000 words); and commentaries or rejoinders to published pieces (800 words)."

Education’s Histories  

"Education’s Histories is an online journal focused on histories of education. It considers not only digital and analog research on schooling but also such research on education outside the institution of school. Education’s Histories examines the content, form, and methods of research others have done and presents new research, too. Special attention, at least for now, is given to methodological problems, practices, and innovations in the history of education field, particularly those in the digital environment. In fact, we intend for it to provide methodological grist for the field. We are calling our narrative style “creative non-fiction” with scholarly proclivities."


Espacio, Tiempo y Educación

"Espacio, Tiempo y Educación is an open access, free and independent scientific journal, with a six-monthly periodicity (two issues every year) published by FahrenHouse (Salamanca, Spain). The main object of the journal consists in publishing researches, studies and critical essays about the History of Education, in any space and time, adopting theoretical, philosophical and methodological perspectives. Generally the structure of each number is composed by editorial, monographic, studies and interview. All items received by Espacio, Tiempo y Educación for the sections “Monographic” and “Studies” are submitted to the double blind peer review external evaluation process. Espacio, Tiempo y Educación accepts articles in different languages as Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese (more information in “Guidelines for the Authors”). Espacio, Tiempo y Educación addresses mainly researchers, scholars and academics in the field of the History of Education, as well as other free and independent people who care about issues of thought, culture, society and education in a historical perspective and who are willing to debate their policies and researches with others."


Histoire de l'éducation

"Founded in 1978, History of Education is a historical, peer-reviewed journal devoted to teaching and education in France and abroad. Through the articles, scientific current affairs notes, critical notes and reviews of works published in its two annual issues, it intends to promote the best of research in this field, to report on developments and historiographical debates, to contribute to the 'animation of its scientific community and promote the history of education. History of education is aimed as much at historians and researchers of other disciplines in the field of education as at teachers, trainers and all those who seek, in the past of education, one of the keys allowing to understand its current problems."

Historia de la Educación

"HISTORIA DE LA EDUCACIÓN is a magazine founded in 1982 whose contents deal with the History of Education. Its current director is JOSÉ MARÍA HERNÁNDEZ DÍAZ, professor at the University of Salamanca. The journal is published annually (1 volume per year) and publishes the texts in any of the languages ​​of common scientific use, although all its articles also have the title, abstract and keywords in English. Always publish monographic issues around a current issue and a Varia section. This publication pays special attention to international articles with preference to Latin America and Europe."


Historia Social y de la Educacion

"The journal Social and Education History, aims to closely connect these two fields of study, by publishing relevant articles focused on both the analysis of societies and, the socialization processes and cultural and educational transmission. It focuses on the study of social change and transformation periods. It includes the analysis of social and pedagogical thought, as well as the teaching of history. It is open to all historical periods. The journal comprises the analysis of all learning, cultural transmission and socialization processes, together with social analysis. It brings together education and society, and enhances the role of education in the learning processes and development of societies. Furthermore, it includes the study of social and pedagogical thought and the teaching of history, and as there is no limitation of time period, this journal achieves an integrating dimension regarding the study of history that a vast majority of publications do not have. Social and Education History is a digital and free publication, which aims at disseminating scientific knowledge and generating debate in order to promote an active history addressed to reflect on the past, the present and the future, and at the same time to be useful in deepening in the values of democracy and social justice. The journal publishes research articles, reviews, monographs, and articles on doctoral dissertations, about social and educational history. It is a four-monthly publication and multilingual. HSE publishes articles in English and Spanish."

Historical Studies in Education / Revue d'histoire de l'éducation

"We publish articles on every aspect of education, from pre-school to university education, on informal as well as formal education, and on methodological and historiographical issues. We also look forward to articles which reflect the methods and approaches of other disciplines. Articles are published in English or French, from scholars in universities and elsewhere, from Canadians and non-Canadians, from graduate students, teachers, researchers, archivists and curators of educational museums, and all those who are interested in this field. La Revue publishes articles covering all aspects of education, from kindergarten to university, both formal and informal, including methodological and historiographical reflections. The Journal is also open to contributions reflecting methods and approaches specific to other disciplines. The articles published, in French or in English, are the work of scientists, academics or not, Canadians and non-Canadians, graduate students, teachers, researchers, archivists, curators of school museums and, and finally, all those who are interested in the field of the history of education."

History of Education & Children's Literature

"History of Education & Children's Literature (HECL) stems from a project long cultivated by a large group of historians of education and children's literature from Italy and several other European and non-European countries: that of creating a periodical of the sector with a marked international vocation, i.e. open to the collaboration of scholars and researchers from different countries, and focused on issues relating to the history of education, institutions and school and training systems, literature and publishing for children and for youth, textbooks and school manuals, pedagogical thinking and theories on education. History of Education & Children's Literature is open to the collaboration and contribution of historians of education and children's literature, but it also intends to give space to studies and research by specialists and scholars from other branches of historical research: from political history to social, religious, literature, publishing and libraries, law, economics, institutions, cultural processes, etc., in the belief that a constant and organic comparison between different approaches, investigation methodologies and historiographical sensibilities represent an extraordinary opportunity for growth and enrichment."

History of Education: Journal of the History of Education Society

"History of Education focusses on the history of education in all parts of the world, and is recognised as a key resource for both educationists and social historians alike. The journal publishes original research and major reviews of books in the history of education. Papers dealing with both formal and informal education systems, comparative education, policy-making, the politics and experience of education and pedagogy are welcomed. The journal also includes a section entitled Sources and Interpretations, which examines historical sources and debates around their interpretation in research and practice."

History of Education Researcher

"The History of Education Researcher (previously the History of Education Society Bulletin) is a peer refereed journal which publishes shorter articles on the history of education (max. 5,000 words). It is published twice a year in May and November and distributed to all members of History of Education Society (UK) and a range of institutional libraries both in the UK and abroad. We welcome submissions from new researchers and from established researchers beginning work on new material. Constructive feedback is offered to those approaching publication for the first time. The Researcher includes items on archives and acquisitions in addition to news of the Society, notices of forthcoming events and book reviews." [Published by the History of Education Society (UK)]


History of Education Review: The official journal of the Australian and New Zealand History of Education Society

"The History of Education Review is an international journal committed to the publication of high quality peer reviewed research and theoretical papers located in the history of education. History of Education Review is the official journal of the Australian and New Zealand History of Education Society (ANZHES). Membership includes a subscription to History of Education Review. ANZHES has its website at:  http://www.anzhes.com."

History of Education Quarterly

"The History of Education Quarterly is an international, peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to publishing high-quality scholarship on the history of education. It is the official journal of the field's leading professional society in the United States, the History of Education Society, and has been published continuously since 1960. The journal encourages submissions from a range of intersecting sub-fields in social, political, economic, intellectual, and cultural history, including (but not limited to): Urban History, Policy History, Sociology of Knowledge, Colonialism and Colonial Education, History of Childhood and Youth, Gender Studies, Ethnic History, Indigenous Education, Cultural Studies, Comparative History, and the History of Ideas."


History of Universities

"History of Universities is a periodical devoted to the study of every aspect of university history development, structure, teaching, and research from the Middle Ages to the modern period, as well as to the history of scholarship more generally. The bi-annual volumes contain a mix of learned articles, unpublished documents, book reviews, research notes, and bibliographical information, which makes this publication an indispensable tool not only for higher education researchers, but historians of all stripe. The contents of the periodical range widely geographically, chronically, and in subject-matter while its contributors are drawn from all parts of the world, giving the volumes a decidedly international flavor." [Published by Oxford University Press]


IJHE Bildungsgeschichte

[International Journal for the Historiography of Education]

Journal of Educational Administration & History

"Journal of Educational Administration and History publishes papers that contribute to debates on educational administration, leadership, management and policy in a range of settings. Work that is comparative and socially critical and which addresses issues such as power, authority, ideals, principles, diversity and difference is welcome. While the journal seeks to publish authoritative accounts of the history of educational administration—we publish more than historical research—and encourage papers from a range of conceptual, theoretical, and/or methodological positions. We also welcome research that brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners. The journal has a special responsibility to publish work that is interdisciplinary and draws on economics, philosophy, politics, sociology and other fields of inquiry."

Journal of Philosophy and History of Education

"The Journal of Philosophy and History of Education is an annual publication of the Society of Philosophy & History of Education (formerly the Southwestern Philosophy of Education Society). Based on anonymous review by the Editorial Advisory Board, a limited number of papers are selected from those delivered at the annual meeting of the Society of Philosophy and History of Education in San Antonio, Texas, September 2008. The opinions expressed in the respective works are those of the individual authors, and may not necessarily be the position of the Society, the editor, the Editorial Advisory Board, or the publishers."

Nordic Journal of Educational History

"The Nordic Journal of Educational History (NJEdH) is an interdisciplinary international journal dedicated to scholarly excellence in the field of educational history. The journal is indexed in SCOPUS and DOAJ. The NJEdH takes special responsibility for the communication and dissemination of educational history research of particular relevance to the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and political and geographic entities including the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Sápmi and Åland), but welcomes contributions exploring the history of education in all parts of the world. The publishing language is English and the Scandinavian languages. The journal applies a double blind peer review procedure and is accessible to all interested readers (NO FEES are charged for publication or subscription). The NJEdH publishes articles as soon as they have been through the peer review and copy editing process, adding cumulatively to the content of an open issue each year. Special issues are normally published as the second issue of any given year."

Paedagogica Historica: international journal of the history of education

"A trilingual journal with European roots, Paedagogica Historica discusses global education issues from an historical perspective. Topics include: • Childhood and Youth • Comparative and International Education • Cultural and social policy • Curriculum • Education reform • Historiography • Schooling • Teachers • Textbooks • Theory and Methodology • The urban and rural school environment • Women and gender issues in Education.

The journal thrives on contributions from top class authors including specialists in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Modern Period. It encourages social, cross-cultural and historical-comparative approaches and prides itself on content that displays meticulous attention to theoretical and methodological developments. Papers are published in English, French and German. Peer Review Policy: All research articles published in Paedagogica Historica have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereering by at least three anonymous referees."

Perspectives on the History of Higher Education

"Perspectives on the History of Higher Education (formerly The History of Higher Education Annual ) is the sole scholarly outlet in the United States devoted to the history of higher education. Established at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1981, published at The Pennsylvania State University between 1993 and 2017, and newly transferred to the Center for the Future of Land-Grant Education, West Virginia University. Perspectives publishes articles based on original research and scholarship, review essays and historiographical essays on significant themes, and abstracts of recent doctoral dissertations in the history of higher education. Perspectives is an annual publication under the auspices of West Virginia University and Routledge."

Revista Brasileira de História da Educação

"The Revista Brasileira de História da Educação (RBHE) is the official publication of the Brazilian Society for the History of Education (SBHE). It has been circulating in national and international academic circles since 2001. Its e-ISSN is 2238-0094. The journal adopts the continuous publication of unpublished articles resulting from research, which address themes associated with the history and historiography of education. The objectives of RBHE are the wide circulation of knowledge and the promotion of discussion around the different problems that permeate the field of research and teaching in the history of education, from an interdisciplinary and plural perspective in theoretical and methodological terms. The journal also publishes dossiers, reviews and interviews with leading national and international personalities."

Revista historia de la educación latinoamericana.

"The History of Latin American Education Magazine -RHELA, INDEXADA category B publindex - is a biannual publication edited by the Society for the History of Latin American Education (SHELA) and the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia (UPTC). RHELA, since its creation in 1998 and every six months, is aimed at a public specialized in the History of Education, the academic community of historians, sociologists, educators, political scientists and professionals linked to the field of Social Sciences, Humanas y Educación, therefore, publishes articles, unpublished and original research results (reflection articles, which are results of completed research, from an analytical, interpretative or critical perspective of the author on a specific topic, resorting to original sources, and review articles, which are the result of completed research where the results of published or unpublished research are analyzed, systematized and integrated; they are characterized by presenting a careful bibliographic review with substantial quality of reference to research, (includes 52 references)."

Rivista di Storia dell'Educazione (Previously Nuovo Bollettino CIRSE)

"Journal of History of Education RSE  is an international, peer-reviewed and open-access journal focused on the global significance and impact of history of education. It covers all the theoretical and practical aspects of the history of education, as well as scholarship and applied research. It is the official journal of CIRSE (Italian Center for History of Education), the field’s leading scientific society in Italy, and has been published since 2014 (since 1982 with another title). The journal is biannual and publishes both special and miscellaneous issues. It encourages submissions from a range of intersecting sub-fields in intellectual, social, political, economic, and cultural history including (but not limited to): sociology of knowledge, history of childhood and youth, public and urban history,  cultural and comparative history, history of ideas, history of emotions). ISSN 2384-8294 (print) ISSN 2532-2818 (online)"


Studia Educationis Historica

"The book series Studia Educationis Historica offers historical studies that address these challenges with traditional and innovative historical research methods. The series offers analyses on the history of education in different countries as well as comparative and international studies. German, English, and Spanish are the languages of the book series."

Turkish History Education Journal

"TURKISH HISTORY EDUCATION JOURNAL (TUHED) is an international, academic, non-profit, peer reviewed, free access, online journal which aims to enhance theory, research, and practice in history education at all levels through the publication of primary research, review, and translated articles. TUHED committed to no single approach, discipline, methodology or paradigm. Its main concern is to improve effective teaching of history at all level both local and international scale. TUHED recognizes that many disciplines especially history and other social sciences have important contributions to improve history teaching thus invites researchers and writers from them. The journal welcomes both qualitative and quantitative empirical research, theoretical and conceptual analyses, and reviews related to history education, history of history education and historiography. TUHED is published online bi-annually (May and October)."


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