Issue on "Education in Pennsylvania History," Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (141.3)

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Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, published by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, recently printed an issue on "Education in Pennsylvania History." It was released in October 2017 (Volume 141, Number 3), and guest edited by Willaim W. Cutler III and Jonathan Zimmerman.  Additional information here:

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PMHB, October 2017

Education in Pennsylvania History

Guest edited by William W. Cutler III and Jonathan Zimmerman

This special issue explores class tensions inherent in colonial attempts to secure gentility through education; the Civil War-era Free Military School, which trained white officers to command black troops; the career of civil rights activist and educator Nellie Rathbone Bright; and the changing role of the university president after World War II.


Front matter

by Christina Larocco


Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and the Historiography of Urban Public Education in Pennsylvania
by William Cutler III

Selling Gentility and Pretending Morality: Education and Newspaper Advertisements in Philadelphia, 1765-75
by Carl Robert Keyes

Philadelphia's Free Military School and the Radicalization of Wartime Officer Education, 1863-64
by Zachery A. Fry

Nellie Rathbone Bright: Acclaimed Author, Educator Activist, Un-American Woman?
by Erika M. Kitzmiller

The Reluctant President: Gaylord P. Harnwell and American University Leadership after World War II
by Ethan Schrum

Hidden Gems

The Michael Zinman Collection of Printing for the Blind
by Erika Piola

John Seely Hart's "Lectures on the Public Schools of Philadelphia, 1849"
by Margery N. Sly

The Raymond Walters Diaries: The Swarthmore College Days (1925-32)
by Robert Miller

New Light on the History of Correspondence Schools
by Robert L. Hampel

High School Yearbooks: Using and Preserving "The Record"
by Catherine D'Ignazio

Pa'lante in Pennsylvania: Puerto Rican Educational and Cultural Organizing through Aspira Inc. of Pennsylvania
by Lauren Lefty