Query from SHARP-L: Harpers Magazine Educational Bulletins, 1860s?

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Dear List Members:

I am working on a project involving the public career of Marcius Willson (1813-1905), a prolific author of school books on various subjects for a number of publishers from 1845 until his death. In 1859 he signed a major contract with Harpers for a series of school Readers that focus on natural science; he was the firm's top-selling author in the 1870s and 80s.  He advertised these books through a series of Educational Bulletins titled "Educational Bulletin: Educate the People" that Harpers distributed as advertising supplements in Harpers Monthly beginning in 1861.  I have located three volumes of these bulletins from 1861 to 1863, but even though my sources tell me they continued to be published through 1865, I haven't been able to find any after 1863.  I have examined all the volumes of Harpers that I can find for the missing years, the Harpers papers at Columbia, and a number of other archives and sources with no luck.  Given Harpers's massive circulation during those years, it is hard to believe that these bulletins would disappear from the record.  I would be grateful for any assistance list members might offer in locating these newsletters.

Thank you,

Peter Knupfer, Michigan State University, knupfer@msu.edu

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