Publishers with History of Education Series?

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Hi All,

To support research in the History of Education field, H-Education has created various lists of resources. These include:
-Universities with History of Education graduate programs.
-Journals and Serials with a focus on the History of Education.
-Monthly lists of recent publications.
Full list of resources Here.

I'd like to create a list of publishers who have active History of Education monograph series. I am aware of:

Rutgers University Press recently launched a monograph series called "New Directions in the History of Education" (ed. Benjamin Justice)

Routledge has "Studies in the History of Education" series and  "Education 1800-1926" series. Both appear to be mostly reprints of older books, some dating back to the 1930s.

West Virginia University, with Routledge, publishes the Perspectives on the history of higher education series (ed. Nathan M. Sorber). These are edited volumes, much like the Oxford History of Universities Series.  This series has changed hands several times over the last 40 years. I had no idea is was established at my alma mater, University at Buffalo.

There are two monograph series by Information Age Publishing. One is Studies in the History of Education (ed. Karen L. Riley) and the other is History of Education (ed. Jared Stallones).

Peter Lang has the History of Schools and Schooling (eds. Alan R. Sadovnik and Susan F. Semel) and Studia Educationis Historica series (eds. Marcelo Caruso, Eckhardt Fuchs, Gert Geißler, Sabine Reh, Eugenia Roldán Vera and Noah W. Sobe)

There is also Cambridge texts and studies in the history of education. It is unclear why so few books are listed on the publisher page. WorldCat shows about 50 books in the series. The most recent publication is from 2010, so the series may be inactive.

Are subscribers aware of other publishers with history of education monograph series?

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Dear Rick:

For your list of History of Education monograph series, I also wanted to let you know about two others:

1. Tracy Steffes and I are editing a series called "Histories of American Education," for Cornell University Press:

2. Randall Curren and I are editing a series called "History and Philosophy of Education," for University of Chicago Press:

Thanks, as always, for your kind help on behalf of all of us!

Fondly, JZ

Jonathan Zimmerman
Professor of History of Education
Judy and Howard Berkowitz Professor in Education
University of Pennsylvania

Dear Rick:

I also wanted to let you know about a new item to add to your list of graduate-school opportunities in History of Education:

As you'll see in the link, which HES Secretary Milton Gaither kindly posted, the Berkowitz Fellowship in History of Education will fund the fifth year of study for PhD students who are admitted jointly by the Graduate School of Education and the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

with best wishes, and thanks again for your kind help

Fondly, JZ

Jonathan Zimmerman
Judy and Howard Berkowtiz Chair in Education
University of Pennsylvania