QUERY: "How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse?" (Cross-posted from H-US1918-45)

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This question was posted by Brian Dotts on H-US1918-45. Original post Here. H-Education readers may have some suggestions. 

Hi. I'm publishing a book with Cambridge University Press, and I'd like to obtain images from the 1950 publication, "How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse," to use in the book Post-WWII chapter. This pamphlet was published by the National Council on American Education (Allen Zoll). I cannot find it. Does anyone know where these booklets might be located? I've checked all of my university databases without luck. I've also checked with the University of Arkansas' library where Zoll's papers are located. They do not have any copies or images of the booklet.

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Dear Brian,
The booklet is indeed located in Fayetteville. It is in the Hargis papers, (Billy James Hargis Papers, University of Arkansas Mullins Library Special Collections, MC 1412); box 45, folder 54 "Communists and other subversives in education." It might not have shown up to the archivists because this looks like a previous edition, not published by Zoll in 1950 but by one "MA Pennington," 1949. I have scratch page images I will be happy to share with you before you make the trip.
Adam Laats
alaats AT binghamton DOT edu

Dear Brian: I'm not sure where you can find the Zoll book, but E. Merrill Root published a pamphlet in 1953 with an equally incendiary title: "Just How Red is the little red schoolhouse?" I reproduced its cover page (showing a simian-like Soviet soldier injecting red venom into a one-room school) in my book "Small Wonder." Root's papers are archived at the University of Oregon, so that might be the easiest place to find the image. Please let me know if I can help in any other way! Fondly, JZ

Jonathan Zimmerman
University of Pennsylvania

Thank you, Adam. I appreciate your letting me know about this. I'd love to see the images if it's possible for you to email them to me. Thanks!

University of Georgia

Thank you, Jonathan! I appreciate your helpful suggestions and will follow through by contacting the University of Oregon.

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University of Georgia