History of Education Research in Current Periodicals (#227)

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Below is a list of recent (Sept. 2019) publications relating to the History of Education. As always, we focus on studies relating to the History of Education (eg. “the history of instruction”) rather than History Education (eg. “the instruction of History”). The list is not exhaustive, and H-Education subscribers are encouraged to contact editorial-education@mail.h-net.org with works I’ve failed to include. Many thanks to H-Education subscribers who have suggested material for inclusion. An archive of previous bibliographies can be found here: https://goo.gl/Zucs95


Anderson, Jaanika. "The use of the University of Tartu Art Museum collection in teaching between 1803 and 1918." History of Education; Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p575-590.

Cvrcek, Tomas; Zajicek, Miroslav. "The Rise of Public Schooling in Nineteenth-Century Imperial Austria: Who Gained and Who Paid?" Cliometrica, September 2019, v. 13, iss. 3, pp. 367-403.

Johnston, Ron. "Changing a discipline in universities and a subject in schools: British geography in the 1950s-1970s" History of Education, 03 September 2019, Vol.48(5), pp.682-699.

Kroupova, Bohumila ; Vybiral, Bohumil. "Fragments from History of Education of Physics in Elementary School in Time of Austro-Hungarian Empire." AIP Conference Proceedings. 2019, Vol. 2152 Issue 1, p030016-1-030016-6.

Lundahl, Christian. "Making testers out of teachers: the work of a Swedish State Research Institute 1946–1956." History of Education; Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p646-663.

McMains, Howard F. "The Day Leland Stanford Met David Jordan." Indiana Magazine of History. Sep2019, Vol. 115 Issue 3, p197-218.

Moon, Paul. "'To teach the natives English': James Pope's 1880 native schools code." History of Education; Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p591-606.

Novotny, Therese. "Julian of Norwich: how did she know what she knew?" History of Education, 03 September 2019, Vol.48(5), pp.557-574

Passant, Adrien Jean-Guy. "The early emergence of European commercial education in the nineteenth century: Insights from higher engineering schools." Business History; Sep2019, Vol. 61 Issue 6, p1051-1082.

Roetert, E. Paul; Pate, Russell R.. "A Century of Physical Activity in the United States." JOPERD: The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance. 2019, Vol. 90 Issue 1, p3-6.

Ryzewski, Krysta; Cherry, John F.; McAtackney, Laura. "'The State of Decay into which the Island Has Fallen': Education and Social Welfare on Montserrat after emancipation." International Journal of Historical Archaeology. Sep2019, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p543-567.

Shechter, Relli. "The 1923 Egyptian Constitution – vision and ambivalence in the future of education in Egypt." History of Education; Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p630-645.

Somogyvári, Lajos. "Political decision-making in socialist education: a Hungarian case study (1958–1960)." History of Education. Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p664-681.

Stuart, Margaret Joan. "PESA archives: The social histories of philosophy of education." Educational Philosophy & Theory; Sep2019, Vol. 51 Issue 10, p1006-1013.

Wang, Lei; Yang, Jian. "When overseas education meets a changing local context: the role of Tokyo Higher Technical School in the industrial modernisation of China in the early twentieth century."  History of Education; Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p607-629.


Richard Ansell reviews Turin and the British in the Age of the Grand Tour by (eds.) Paola Bianchi and Karin Wolfe in Journal of Modern History; Sep2019, Vol. 91 Issue 3, p690-692.

Narelle Biedermann reviews A road to excellence: the history of basic nursing education at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Jamaica, 1949–2006, by Claire Duncan, Valerie Hardware, Jean Munroe and Norma Woodham in History of Education; Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p709-710.

Mazine Burton reviews A history of Chesterfield Grammar School by Philip Riden in History of Education, 03 September 2019, Vol.48(5), pp.704-706.

W. Carson Byrd reviews Upending the Ivory Tower: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Ivy League by Stegan M. Bradley in Historian; Fall2019, Vol. 81 Issue 3, p499-500.

Marie Clarke reviews Kindling the flame: 150 years of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation by Niamh Puirséil in History of Education, 03 September 2019, Vol.48(5), pp.710-712.

Cyndia Susan Clegg reviews The Intellectual Properties of Learning: A Prehistory from Saint Jerome to John Locke by John Willinsky in Renaissance Quarterly. Vol. 72 Issue 2, p637-639.

John Kyle Day reviews Race and Education in New Orleans: Creating the Segregated City, 1764–1960 by Walter C. Stern in Journal of American History. Sep2019, Vol. 106 Issue 2, p426-427.

Elizabeth Hayford reviews Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: The Sad History of American Business Schools by Steven Conn in Library Journal. Sep2019, Vol. 144 Issue 8, p80-80.

Andreas Killen reviews Health Education Films in the Twentieth Century by (eds.) Christian Bonah, David Cantor, and Anja Laukotter in ISIS: Journal of the History of Science in Society. Sep2019, Vol. 110 Issue 3, p640-641.

Alan McCully reviews Teacher preparation in Ireland: history, policy and future directions by Tom O'Donoghue, Judith Harford and Teresa O'Doherty in History of Education; Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p700-712.

Gemma Tidman reviews Teachers of the People: Political Education in Rousseau, Hegel, Tocqueville, and Mill by Dana Villa in Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Sep2019, Vol. 42 Issue 3, p393-394.

Keir Waddington reviews Irish medical education and student culture, c.1850-1950 by Laura Kelly in History of Education; Sep2019, Vol. 48 Issue 5, p702-704.

Andrew Watts reviews Assessment cultures: historical perspectives edited by Cristina Alarcón and Martin Lawn in History of Education, 03 September 2019, Vol.48(5), pp.706-708.


Compiled by Rick Mikulski, MLS, PhD
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