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The new issue of Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society has published!


Volume 10, Issue 2



Understanding Mobile Educational Content: A Comparative Approach, Andrés Chiappe


Explaining Political Apathy in German Civic Education Textbooks, Alexander Wohnig


Epistemic Messages in Textbooks for Vocational Education and Training, Florian Berding and Ilka Lau


The Geopolitics of Environmental Education: An Analysis of School Textbooks in the MENA Region

Tobias Ide, Abdulkhaleq Alwan, Khalil Bader, Noureddine Dougui, Maysoun Husseini, Elarbi Imad, Farouk Gaafar Abdel Hakim Marzouk, Amany M. Taha Moustafa and Riem Spielhaus


Nationalsozialismus in deutschen, osterreichischen und englischen Lehrwerken der Sekundarstufe I (1980-2017), Philipp Mittnik


The Concept of "Consumption" in School Textbooks during the Democratic Transition in Spain (1977-1982)

Mariano González-Delgado and Manuel Ferraz-Lorenzo


What You See Is What You Get: The Algerian War, French Textbooks and How Violence Is Remembered

Alexandra Binnenkade

Volume 10, Issue 1: World Knowledge and Non-European Space: Nineteenth Century Geography Textbooks and Children's Books





Reading East Asia in Schools of the Wilhelmine Empire, Andreas Weiß


Are "the Natives" Educable?: Dutch Schoolchildren Learn Ethical Colonial Policy (1890-1910), Elisabeth Wesseling and Jacques Dane


Education and Change in the Late Ottoman Empire and Turkey: Space, Time, and Text, Benjamin C. Fortna


Imperialism and Nationhood in Children's Books in Colonial Bengal, Gargi Gangopadhyay


Wandelnde Horizonte des Weltwissens: Zur Raumvorstellung der elementaren Geographieschulbucher des Japanischen Kaiserreichs, Toshiko Ito


Teaching National Identity and Alterity: Nineteenth Century American Primary School Geography Textbooks, Bahar Gürsel

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