History of Education Research in Current Periodicals (#217)

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Below is a list of recent (mostly Nov. 2018) articles and reviews relating to the History of Education. These materials are in periodicals OUTSIDE the usual History of Education journals (see “History of Education Journals, Periodicals, and Series”).  As always, we focus on articles relating to the History of Education (“the history of instruction”) rather than History Education (“the instruction of History”). The list is not exhaustive, and H-Education subscribers are encouraged to contact editorial-education@mail.h-net.msu.edu with works I’ve failed to include. Many thanks to H-Education subscribers who have suggested articles and reviews for inclusion. An archive of previous bibliographies can be found here.


An, Zhe Gigi; Hu, Xiaoyi; Horn, Eva. "Chinese Inclusive Education: The Past, Present, and Future." Intervention in School & Clinic; Nov2018, Vol. 54 Issue 2, p118-122.

Carden, Clarissa. "Reformatory schools and Whiteness in danger: An Australian case." Childhood; Nov2018, Vol. 25 Issue 4, p544-554.

Chong, Stephanie; Geare, Alan; Willett, Roger J. "Change in a New Zealand University 1985-2010: Views of Collegiality and Managerialism" Educational Management Administration & Leadership, v46 n6 p926-941 Nov 2018.

Dousay, Tonia A.; Janak, Edward. "All Things Considered: Educational Radio as the First MOOCs" TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, v62 n6 p555-562 Nov 2018.

Driver, Justin. "The Courts, the Schools, and the Constitution" Phi Delta Kappan, v100 n3 p14-17 Nov 2018.

Foreman‐Peck, James; Zhou, Peng. "Late marriage as a contributor to the industrial revolution in England." Economic History Review; Nov2018, Vol. 71 Issue 4, p1073-1099.

Horlacher, Rebekka. "The same but different: the German Lehrplan and curriculum." Journal of Curriculum Studies, 2018, Vol. 50 Issue 1, p1- 16.

Labaree, David F. "Public Schools for Private Gain: The Declining American Commitment to Serving the Public Good" Phi Delta Kappan, v100 n3 p8-13 Nov 2018.

Scholten, Koen and Manuel Llano. “Rethinking the Republic of Letters: Two Perspectives on the Early Modern Learned Community” in SHELLS AND PEBBLES: Interesting finds on the shores of the history of science [online platform].  goo.gl/kZJJb6

Sorber, Nathan M. "Early Land-Grant Colleges and Students in the Northeastern United States: A History of Regional Access and Mobility Patterns in Maine, Massachusetts, and New York, 1862-1878." Agricultural History, Winter2018, Vol. 92 Issue 1, p101- 123, 2018.

Stolberg, Michael. "Teaching Anatomy in Post-Vesalian Padua: An Analysis of Student Notes." Journal of Medieval & Early Modern Studies, 2018, Vol. 48 Issue 1, p61-78.

Thrower, Eileen J. B. "Oral Histories of Nurse‐Midwives in Georgia, 1970‐1989: Blazing Trails, Building Fences, Raising Towers." Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, Nov/Dec2018; 63(6): 693-699.

Wong, Mary Shepard; Lee, Seong-Yun. "Early Christian English Teachers in Korea: Imperialists or Advocates? Exploring the Lesser Known Other Truth" International Journal of Christianity & Education, v22 n3 p274-289 Nov 2018.

Wu, Huiping; Clarke, Anthony. "The Chinese 'Open Class': a conceptual rendering and historical account." Asia Pacific Journal of Education 38, no.2 (2018) p. 214-228.

Yue, Ai. "Rural education across China's 40 years of reform: past successes and future challenges." China Agricultural Economic Review 10, no.1 (2018) p. 93-118.


G. Antonio Espinoza reviews "The Moral Electricity of Print: Transatlantic Education and the Lima Women's Circuit, 1876-1910" by Ronald Briggs in Hispanic American Historical Review; Nov2018, Vol. 98 Issue 4, p725-726.

Morten Hansen reviews  "Higher education institutions in the EU: between competition and public service" by Andrea Gideon in Journal of Education Policy; Nov2018, Vol. 33 Issue 6, p866-867.

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Compiled by Rick Mikulski, MLS PhD
Assistant Professor & Librarian, Portland State University