"Educational Bulletins" from 19th c US text publishers?

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Dear colleagues:

I have been having some difficulty locating a source for my current research on the work of Marcius Willson, a prolific textbook author for Harpers in the second half of the 19th century.  In particular, his contract with Harpers called for the regular publication of bulletins or circulars entitled "Educational Bulletin: Educate the People" that he wrote and were bundled with Harper's Monthly as well as published in Harpers ads in numerous journals from 1860 until at least 1865 or 1866.  Each bulletin spanned 4-6, and sometimes up to 16, pages of endorsements, op-eds written by Willson that responded to his many critics, and articles on educational theory, all to promote his best-selling "School and Family Series" of Readers. I thought that because they were sent out with the magazine, these would be easy to locate.  But I have been able to find only the bulletins from 1860 to 1863, even though my sources indicate they were published for at least two years afterwards.  I have checked the Harper & Brothers Records at Columbia and riffled through myriad volumes of the magazine, as well as other journals, all to no avail.

In addition, I am looking for copies of similar "Educational Bulletins" circulated by the publishers (Sargent, Wilson, & Hinkle, of Cincinnati) of Willson's chief rival, McGuffey's Readers, in the mid-1860s.  Searches and queries at the McGuffey's archive at Miami University of Ohio have come up empty.

I have one or two possible other places to check, but I thought I'd throw myself upon the good offices of the wonderful crowd here at H-Education to see if anyone has come across any of these periodicals, or has a suggestion as to where else I might look.

Thank you,

Peter Knupfer, Michigan State University, knupfer@msu.edu

Hi Peter,

If you've not already done so, you might post your inquiry on SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing). Your topic falls into the area of Publishing and Book History, so they may have insights for you.

Their listserv, SHARP-L, is open to non-members.

Rick Mikulski
Drew University