The Fall 2022 issue of Historical Studies in Education/ Revue d’histoire de l’éducation is now online! Le numéro d’automne 2022 est disponible!

Mallory Davies Discussion



Alexandra Giancarlo, To “Evaluate the Mental Powers of the Indian Children”: Race and Intelligence Testing in Canada’s Indian Residential School System


Scott McLean, Plumbing the University of Toronto: William James Dunlop and the History of Adult Education in Canada



Kristin Hall, Bibliography of Canadian Educational History / Bibliographie d’histoire de l’éducation canadienne


Book Reviews


Kristy L. Slominski, Teaching Moral Sex: A History of Religion and Sex Education in the United States | Lisa M. F. Andersen

Sara Z. MacDonald, University Women: A History of Women and Higher Education in Canada | Catherine Carstairs

Mirelsie Velázquez, Puerto Rican Chicago: Schooling the City, 1940-1977 | Marlena Ceballos and Erica R. Dávila

Brian Titley, Predatory Nuns: Sexual Abuse in North American Catholic Sisterhoods | Dyan Elliott

Peter Kallaway, The Changing Face of Colonial Education in Africa: Education, Science, and Development | Chika Esiobu

Jarvis R. Givens, Fugitive Pedagogy: Carter G. Woodson and the Art of Black Teaching | Jasmine Hawkins and Dionne Danns

Crystal Lynn Webster, Beyond the Boundaries of Childhood: African American Children in the Antebellum North | Wilma King

Wayne Dowler, A History of Education in Modern Russia: Aims, Ways, Outcomes | J.-Guy Lalande

Michele A. Johnson and Funké Aladejebi, eds., Unsettling the Great White North: Black Canadian History | Erica S. Lawson

Jane Martin, Gender and Education in England Since 1770: A Social and Cultural History | Catherine Ramey

Penney Clark and Alan Sears, The Arts and the Teaching of History: Historical F(r)ictions | Karen Stanworth

Jon N. Hale, The Choice We Face: How Segregation, Race, and Power Have Shaped America’s Most Controversial Educational Reform Movement | Wayne J. Urban

James Elwick, Making a Grade: Victorian Examinations and the Rise of Standardized Testing | Peiyu Wang and Liying Cheng

Sharon S. Lee, An Unseen Unheard Minority: Asian American Students at the University of Illinois | David K. Yoo

Catherine Larochelle, L’école du racisme. La construction de l’altérité à l’école québécoise (1830-1915) | Valentina Gaddi

Félix Bouvier et Charles-Philippe Courtois (dir.), L’Histoire nationale du Québec. Entre bon-ententisme et nationalisme, de 1832 à nos jours | Raphaël Gani

Robert Gagnon et Denis Goulet, La formation d’une élite. Les bourses d’études à l’étranger du gouvernement québécois (1920-1959) | Alexandre Klein



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