TOC: History of Education Quarterly 62 (2)

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History of Education Quarterly volume 62, issue 2 has published and is available on Cambridge Core.

Links below provide free access to individual articles on the publisher's website.

Between Recent Political Controversies and Long-Standing Education Histories
AJ Angulo, Jack Schneider

2021 Barnard Prize Winner
"The Intellectual Emancipation of the Negro": Madeline Morgan and the Mandatory Black History Curriculum in Chicago during World War II
Ashley D. Dennis

The Fight for a Public University in Boston: Making a Public-Private Educational System
Cristina Viviana Groeger

"The Answers Come from The People": The Highlander Folk School and the Pedagogies of the Civil Rights Movement
Nico Slate

January 1993: The Founding of Education International
Harry Smaller

Policy Dialogue
The War over How History Is Taught
Donnalie Jamnah, Jonathan Zimmerman

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