Abbia Cameroon Cultural Review now online

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Dear all,

I realise that I omitted to post anything about the digitisation of Abbia: Cameroon Cultural Review  which has long been inaccessible.

This is available on the website of the Journal Vestiges

 The digistissation has been done with the approval of the Ministry of Arts and Culture in Cameroon. Loretto Todd has kindly written an introduction to this.

The significance of Abbia: Cameroon Cultural Review has been discussed by Milton Kreiger  in an article published in 1996. We are very sorry to report that we asked the publisher (Indiana University Press) for permission to reprint his article in Vestiges but they refused copyright permission not only for the original English version but also for a new French translation which we had considered making. 

Reference: Krieger, Milton. 1996. ‘Building the Republic through Letters: “Abbia: Cameroon Cultural Review,” 1963-82, and Its Legacy.’ Research in African Literatures 27 (2): 155-177. 

A note on the digitization 

We have made a low quality, easy access version of the entire run of Abbia available in late 2019. We note that this means that the underlying searchable text generated by OCR is far from perfect. We plan to slowly add higher quality versions over time which will resolve many of the current problems. For reference, higher quality versions of Volumes One, Two, Four and Five have already been added and more will be added over the coming months.