Kristin Mann Wins the Lagos Studies Association's Distinguished Scholar Award

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Kristin Mann Wins the Lagos Studies Association's Distinguished Scholar Award

On 17 June 2017, Kristin Mann, Professor of History at Emory University, was awarded the 1st Lagos Studies Association’s (LSA) Distinguished Scholar Award at the Second Annual Lagos Conference, held at the University of Lagos. Over the course of four decades, Mann has produced innovative and rigorous scholarship on Lagos. Rather than treating the city as a mere case study, she has underscored the importance of Lagos in Atlantic networks. Mann’s two book-length research projects, Marrying Well: Marriage, Status and Social Change among the Educated Elite in Colonial Lagos (1985) and Slavery and the Birth of an African History: Lagos, 1760-1900 (2007), have made important methodological contributions to African legal history, gender studies, and abolition studies.

The LSA’s Distinguished Scholar Award is given to a senior academic who has published research that help shape new directions in Lagos, Nigerian, and African studies. The award comes with a beautiful plaque, a thunderous clap, and a standing ovation!

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