CfA: Festschrift in Honour of Professor Okpeh O. Okpeh, Jnr, FHSN

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Festschrift in Honour of Professor Okpeh O. Okpeh, Jnr, FHSN

Editors: Patrick I.  UKASE, Elijah T. IKPANOR & Bem J. AUDU

Call for Chapter Contribution

Concept and Purpose

We are glad to inform you that a festschrift is being published in honour of Okpeh Ochayi Okpeh, Jnr, a Professor of African History, who will turn 50 years old on 12th December, 2018. Professor Okpeh is a quintessential and an accomplished scholar by all standards. Since joining the ranks as an academic in the Department of History, Benue State University, Makurdi, in 1995/96, he has remained focused, disciplined, committed, dedicated and steadfast to his chosen profession. At the commencement of his career, he operationalized a work philosophy and ethics that revolved round Spartan discipline and diligence; sacrifice and perseverance; and resolute commitment and dedication. His work ethics is demonstrated in the way he interrogates his subject matter and publishes his academic papers. Besides, the energy and zeal he exerts in teaching and researching, his quality of supervision at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels is unequalled. Due to his diligence, drive and appetite for scholarship, Professor Okpeh rose from the ranks to the exalted position of professor within the span of 15 years, making him one of the youngest and the fastest to accomplish this feet within the university community, especially in the North Central Nigeria.

Essentially, his academic and research interests straddle African History, Inter-Group and Conflict Studies, Historiography as well as Gender and Development Studies. In the course of engaging these themes and related research interests in the last two decades, he has published well over a hundred (100) scholarly essays in both national and international journals. This is in addition to contributing well over fifty (50) chapters to books. Professor Okpeh has also edited/co-edited over thirty books. Apart from mentoring several students and younger colleagues, he has also supervised scores of dissertations and Theses at post-graduate level and several projects at the undergraduate level. It is on record that a PhD Thesis he supervised in 2007 won the exalted National Universities Commission (NUC) best PhD Thesis Award in Humanities, 2007 (this is besides the several academic and excellence awards he has received within and outside the country). Throughout his career, he has distinguished himself as a consummate researcher, a hardworking scholar, and an administrator per excellence, who has not only contributed to knowledge, but also tremendously encouraged his colleagues in the teaching profession across disciplines.

It is in recognition of these invaluable contributions by Professor Okpeh that the editors of this volume are inviting scholars from various disciplines to submit well-researched academic papers for inclusion in a book of honour which will be published to commemorate his birthday. Chapter givers would be required to interrogate a wide range of issues around the following themes:


ii.Intergroup Relations


iv.Trade Union Movements 

v.Gender, Governance and Development Issues



Intending chapter contributors should note the following:

  • Manuscripts for the book project should be typed, double-spaced (including endnotes and reference list) using Times New Roman Font size 12. The page limit is 15-20 pages maximum which should include endnotes and conform to MLA or APA style of referencing. Electronic submission should be clearly made on Microsoft Word, with the file name clearly written.
  • Chapter contributors are at liberty to use any research methodology they deem fit.
  • Each chapter contributions should be accompanied with a separate (cover) sheet indicating the title of the chapter as well as the following information about the author: full name, address or institution of affiliation, current status, e.g. lecturer, senior lecturer, reader, professor, consultant etc, research interests and institutional affiliation.

For more details contact:

Patrick I. Ukase, PhD

Department of History and International Studies,

Kogi State University, Anyigba,

Kogi State - Nigeria

E-mail:; Phone: 2347035842604


Elijah T.  Ikpanor

Department of History,

Benue State University, Makurdi-Nigeria

E-mail: ; Phone: 08035229913


Bem J. Audu, PhD

Department of History and War Studies,

Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna-Nigeria

E-mail:; Phone: 2349020056940


Sylvester I. Ugbegili, PhD

Department of History,

Benue State University, Makurdi-Nigeria

E-Mail:; 2348035098734