Popular Culture Online Collections and Archives

Comics and Cartoons

PUNCH Magazine: Galleries of political cartoons by period and topic.

Library of Congress Political Cartoons and Public Debates: Teaching resource featuring American political cartoons from the Colonial Period to the twentieth century.

Children's Books

Children's Books Online--The Rosetta Project: Collection of digitized children's books, searchable by reading level, date, or author.

Archived Websites

Wayback Machine: Project dedicated to preserving defunct websites.


Moving Image Archive: Free videos and film clips from various time periods and locations.


Watch Cartoons Online: Website dedicated to collecting both old and ongoing cartoons.

Music and Songs

Broadside Ballads Online: Scanned prints of English broadsides and ballads, sixteenth to twentieth century. Includes publication history and other information for most ballads. Hosted by the Bodleian Library.

Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music: High quality scans, restored sheet music, and metadata for each song. Registration is required but free.

UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive - An online repository for thousands of cylinder recordings. Includes an information page and details on each recording. The recordings are downloadable by the public.


The EServer Drama Collection: Full text collection of plays organized by time period.


Smithsonian Rock and Roll Collection: A crowdsourced collection of photographs documenting rock and roll history.

Prints and Broadsides

The Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection: Searchable database of digitized early modern prints.

Brown University Napoleonic Satire Collection: Prints and broadsides from the Napoleonic Wars.


Media History Digital Library: Extensive collection of magazines from the late nineteenth century to 1995 related to celebrities, film, and other media.

Baseball Cards

Library of Congress Baseball Card Collection: Over 2000 digitized baseball cards dating from 1887 to 1914.


Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts: Collection of folklore and legends managed by the University of Pittsburgh.