CFP: Digital Talks in American Studies

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Seeking to take advantage of our digital platform, Quarterly Horse will be launching a series of online video talks, Digital Talks in American Studies.

Quarterly Horse is a non-profit, open-access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal associated with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Studies Association.  We publish brief, scholarly essays on American culture, essays that are no more than 1,500 words in length—exclusive of notes and works cited.

Our field lends itself to approaches that take full advantage of an online, multi-media format. Accordingly, we’d like to hear your idea that presents archival footage, interviews, video and audio clips, or in some way makes good use of video as a medium. We would like you to pitch your proposal and your talk to an informed and educated general audience, not just the specialists in a particular subfield. Each Talk will be between fifteen and twenty minutes. We will offer production support, but you should be comfortable producing video lectures. Each Talk will be published on the journal’s website, and we will promote each Talk widely.

Your proposal for a Digital Talk in American Studies should include:

• Description of your topic and your angle, claim, argument;
• Short rationale that explains why your topic matters in and out of the academy;
• Assessment of how a digital talk makes more sense for the topic than, perhaps, a traditional essay;
• Bibliography of video and audio that would ideally be incorporated into the Talk;
• Short bibliography of significant works in the subfield that frames the proposed Talk;
• & your CV.

For Talks to be produced in 2021, we will review complete proposals as they come in. Acceptance and production will then move forward on a rolling basis.

Please submit your proposals to:

Kreg Abshire, Editor
Quarterly Horse

Please label the subject of your email proposal Digital Talk Proposal.

Please take a look at the journal,; and let me know if you have any questions,




Kreg Abshire, Ph.D.

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Editor, Quarterly Horse: A Journal of [brief] American Studies