Announcement: New American Notes Online (NANO) Issue #15, Special Issue Now Available

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City Tech’s Interdisciplinary Peer-Reviewed Journal NANO: New American Notes Online Examines Twin Peaks: The Return


The new issue of NANO: New American Notes Online, an open access City Tech humanities journal, explores the significance of the recently released third season of the seminal television show, Twin Peaks.

Special Issue 15: “Twin Peaks: The Return,” is the result of a collaboration between guest editors Matt Miller (Yeshiva University) and Matthew Lau (Queensborough Community College, CUNY), the article authors, and NANO’s editors (Sean Scanlan, founder and editor, and Lucas Kwong, assistant editor).


Guest editor Matt Miller describes the direction of this special issue:

We hope that the diverse array of topics and approaches related to The Return that are addressed in this special issue do justice to the show’s ambition and complexity. Season Three of Twin Peaks is amorphous both in terms of its media formations and its constantly shifting tableaux of symbols and themes. It is an origin myth and tale of apocalypse, a profound questioning of the nature of good and evil, a veritable dictionary of post-modernity, a slow-moving narrative painting, a testament to the strength of a single woman, a series of elegies for actors and actresses who died between seasons, a retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey, a forum for music videos, and a cosmic dream. With Special Issue 15 of NANO, we hope to indicate new possibilities and formulations for understanding what for now stands as the summary work of Lynch’s cinematic career.


Table of Contents:


• Editor’s Introduction for NANO Special Issue 15: Twin Peaks: The Return

by Matt Miller


• The Horse is the White of the Eye: Pioneering and the American Southwest in Twin Peaks

by Rob E. King


• David Lynch Sprawls

 by Richard Martin


• Sentiment, Mood, and Performing the Past: James Hurley's Re-enactment of “Just You” in Twin Peaks: The Return

 by Simon Hall


• The Artistic Evangelism of David Lynch: Transcendental Meditation, World Peace, and Laura Palmer

by Zachary Sheldon



• “I am dead yet I live”: Revealing the Enigma of Art in Twin Peaks: The Return  

 by Allister Mactaggart



• Drink Full and Descend: The Horror of Twin Peaks: The Return 

 by Lindsay Hallam


• “The Past Dictates the Future”: Epistemic Ambivalence and the Compromised Ethics of Complicity in Twin Peaks: The Return and Fire Walk with Me

 by Joshua Jones


• Kafka, Lynch, and Frost—The Trial and Tribulations in Twin Peaks: The Return

by Karla Lončar


• Someone Is in My House: The Art of David Lynch at the Bonnefanten Museum

by Robert Peeters


• Editor’s Postscript for NANO Special Issue 15: Twin Peaks: The Return, Walter Benjamin, and Jeffrey Epstein

by Matthew Lau