22. Mega Bloks

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Red, blue, green, and yellow. These are the bright bold colors children see when building their innovative creations using Mega Bloks First Builders. Mega Bloks, Inc. is Canada’s leading toy company which was established in 1984. Mega Bloks were an instant hit when they were first introduced to the toy market. Toys R’ Us offered a million dollar deal to Victor Bertrand, the creator of Mega Bloks, as soon as they heard of the success of the blocks in Canada. Bertrand invented these magnificent plastic, interlocking, building blocks that children all around the world use today ("Company-Histories.com"). Mega Bloks are sold in almost every toy store and are priced around twenty dollars per eighty blocks ("Mega Bloks First Builders”).

Designed especially for children of ages 5 and under including special needs children, Mega Bloks First Builders are easy to hold, assemble, and take apart. Unlike Legos, First Builders are jumbo sized blocks. They are available in a variety of color schemes including pastels, bright colors, and the original colors.  There are usually other pieces included in the sets as well such as roofs for inventing homes and small figures to further enhance creativity. The blocks come in several forms, either with one stub, two stubs, three or six. The stubs allow children to get extraordinarily creative. They are able to create different sized structures because of the many forms of the blocks. Also, these impressive building blocks come with an ecofriendly zip up bag to store away the blocks when children are finished playing with their blocks ("Mega Bloks First Builders”).

Mega Bloks’ First Builders are found in almost every preschool in America. Teachers, parents, and doctors find these blocks to be of great importance and momentous possessions in order to educate children. Engaging in block play demands physical handlings that allows children to enhance their gross and motor skills. Furthermore, blocks are considered of great importance not only because of the benefits of physical improvement, but cognitive development as well. Blocks motivate children to develop their own ideas and concepts through their own innovations. They challenge children to merge blocks and form more complex structures. By doing so, block play stimulates learning in all territories of development which include physical, social and emotional, intellectual and language (Yen-Chun).Students with special needs also benefit from playing with the First Ones building blocks. Whatever they choose to build, children with special needs can tailor their creations to their own exclusive needs. It is a boundless toy that anyone can enjoy. Mega Bloks’ First Builders is an innovative creation that allows little hands to create big imaginations.


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