Call for Papers on Subcultures for PopCAANZ (Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand), July 3 - 5, 2019, Melbourne, Australia

Call for papers for presentation on subcultures at the 10th Anniversary of the Annual International PopCAANZ Conference to be held at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, July 3 - 5, 2019.

CfP: Gender in Early Twenty-First Century Television (Edited Collection)

The “quality” and “post-quality” television moments of the early twenty-first century have resulted in a number of television shows that engage with gender in interesting ways, some advancing critiques of feminism or post-feminism (UnReal, The Handmaid’s Tale), others offering new ways of thinking about genderqueer and transitioning individuals (Transparent, RuPaul’s Drag Race), and still others thinking about gender at the intersections of race, education, and socioeconom

‘Historicizing Horror Cinema’ (Proposals Due 9/28)

CFP: ‘Historicizing Horror Cinema’
2019 PCA/ACA National Conference Washington, DC
April 17-20

This panel will explore - through short papers - the meanings, connotations, dynamics, systems and processes of ‘History’ and ‘Historicizing’ within - and surrounding - horror cinema. This can include personal histories, analytical approaches, archival projects, case studies, theoretical explorations as well as other configurations.

Journal of Popular Culture: Call for Book Reviewers


Below are the titles the Journal of Popular Culture currently has availabe for review.  If you have a master's degree (completed) or a Ph.D. and are interested in writing a review for us, please send me the title or titles you are interested in, ranked by order of interest, along with your mailing address.  Emails that don't contain mailing addresses will not be considered.  Also, please note that due to shipping costs, we are not able to send these books to overseas reviewers.

NeMLA 2019 - "Neo-Dickens for a New Audience: Reading, Watching, and Teaching Dickens in the 21st Century" (Dickens Society Sponsored Panel)

Call for proposals for the Dickens Society sponsored panel at the Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) convention in Washington, DC, March 21-24, 2019

Deadline for submissions: September 30, 2018
Contact email: matobin@psu.edu

"Neo-Dickens for a New Audience: Reading, Watching, and Teaching Dickens in the 21st Century" (Dickens Society Sponsored Panel)

Chair: Mary Ann Tobin, PhD, The Pennsylvania State University


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