Film & History Special Event! (7/1/18; 11/7-11/18)

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Film & History ( is pleased to announce a special event at this year's conference:
Opening Plenary Panel
As a special event at this year’s conference we will be running an opening plenary panel on the afternoon of the first day of the conference.
We are pleased to announce that the panel members will include:
   * Robert Rosenstone (History on Film/Film on History, (via video)
   * Robert Burgoyne (The Hollywood Historical Film)
   * Alison Landsberg (Prosthetic Memory: The Transformation of American Remembrance in the Age of Mass Culture
   * Kim Nelson (
   * Mia E. M. Treacey (Reframing the Past: history, film & television,
The panel will be a discussion based on the theme: What is the future of screened history? Shaping citizenship and sociopaths via the past.
The extended deadline for abstract submission for the conference is July 1, 2018.