Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism and Politics (2017) Paperback

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We are pleased to announce the release of Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism and Politics edited by Jackie Raphael and Celia Lam. Special thanks to Professor P. David Marshall for the foreword. The book is now available for ordering: Please share with your library, faculty, and students in your department.


Foreword: The Bridge of the Human Brand
P. David Marshall  

Introduction: Becoming Brands
Jackie Raphael and Celia Lam  

PART I: Approaches to Activism  

Offstage humanitarianism: Reality, drama and ‘successful misunderstanding’
Carla Rocavert  

The Emergence of the ‘Super-Celebrity Activist’: George Clooney and Angelina Jolie
Sally Totman  

The Silent DisCo: Celebrity, Disability and ‘Rights Not Charity’
Ellen Finlay and Louise St Guillaume  

Commercializing Conservationism: Celebrity, Sea Shepherd, and the Pop Politics of Protest
Evan Beaumont Center  

PART II: Politics and Presentation  

Conflicted Celebrity in Media: Graffiti Artists and pixadores in the Brazilian Press
Alexander Araya López  

Clint Eastwood’s Identity Politics
Ronald Strickland  

Rebel with a Cause: Celebrity, Authenticity and Political Capital
Tomasz Olczyk and Jacek Wasilewski  

PART III: Facing Feminism  

Having a Driving License in the Movie Theatre: Driver Nebahat
Nilay Ulusoy  

Celebrities and Conflicting Notions of Modern Feminist Embodiment
Kelly M. O’Donnell  

PART IV: Leaving a Legacy  

Phoenix Rising: Freddie Mercury’s Legacy and the Fight Against AIDS
Marie Josephine Bennett  

Paul Newman: Posthumous Philanthropy and Persona
Jackie Raphael

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