Award: AMS Popular Music Study Group, Best Essay in Popular Music Scholarship

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Call for Nominations

Award for Best Essay in Popular Music Scholarship

Deadline: June 17, 2018

The Popular Music Study Group of the AMS invites nominations for its second annual Award for the Best Essay in Popular Music Scholarship. The award will be presented for a journal article or chapter in an edited collection. It is open to scholars of any rank. The award is not limited to members of the PMSG, but the nomination must come from either a member in good standing or from the editor of the book/journal. We encourage self-nominations.


The nominating person must submit a two-to-four sentence endorsement of the work describing its significance and including the particulars of the publication: press/venue, date, title, and author. Please also include a link to and/or PDF attachment of the work. Any essay with a copyright year of 2017 is eligible for consideration. 


The deadline for nominations is June 17, 2018. Please send nominations to Lauron Kehrer at The award will be announced at the PMSG business meeting held during the annual AMS conference in November 2018.