H-PCAACA Editors Wanted

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My name is Patrick Cox, Vice-President of Networks at H-NET and acting editor of H-PCAACA.

I'm assembling a team of editors to take over H-PCAACA on an ongoing basis. There are over 2000 subscribers to this Network but no one has really been running it since late November 2013. You may have noticed. CFP’s from many regional PCA conferences normally would have appeared during this time but they were missed. I will be culling those that I can find on H-ANNOUNCE and putting them on a new page for CFP’s. Please send any you may have, and I will get them posted as well. 

Now that H-PCAACA is in its new format, it is ready for leadership interested in expanding what the Network has traditionally done. Our new capacity for multi-media content is ideally suited to popular culture studies. Images, TV, or film clips can posted and discussed. Podcasts are possible. H-PCAACA can host blogs, or store documents--from a collection of relevant syllabi to an archive of useful resources or solicited new content in something like an “Occasional Papers” series. It is truly a blank slate at this point, with a ready-made audience.

Current projects in the Commons that H-Net could not have done in its old listserve format include collecting posts from across all H-Net Networks into a single page, like this one on H-SHEAR about the film 12 Years a SlaveOn H-AMSTDY, editors are collecting images from subscribers for their home page here. H-MATERIAL CULTURE similiarly compiles contributions for discussion in its Occasional Objects series. H-Sport is compiling a wealth of resources in their links.

H-NET networks are best run by a team who share the workload, so please consider joining without feeling you will be overwhelmed with work. You provide the interest, H-NET will provide the technical training and support. I can stay on board to help shape your team around the projects you want to see and I can stay on board until new editors are comfortable in the position. 

Editing H-NET networks provides valuable service to your field and a unique line to your CV! If you're interested, let me know at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu and I can tell you more. Also, if you replied to the call for new editors posted in January and are still interested, please let me know.

Thanks so much

Patrick Cox

H-NET Vice-President of Networks

(and Children and Childhood Studies area co-chair, Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association)


Hiya folks!

I am grateful for the strong response this Call for Editors received. If you are still interested but did not reply, please send your expressions of interest to editorial-PCAACA@mail.h-net.msu.edu so the new editors of H-PCAACA can know of your interest. 


Patrick Cox

H-NET VP for Networks