What is a Recipe? online conversation June-July 2017

See below for the What is a Recipe? schedule. The home page for this "virtual conversation" is over at The Recipes Project. Come back often to see what's new.

You can also follow along on Twitter with the hashtags #recipesconf and #recipesproject. 

Check out this YouTube video (1.5 hours) of the panel at the Berkshire Conference that kicked off the conversation: Repast and Present: Food History Inside and Outside the Academy.

H-Nutrition subscribers have contributed a series of posts about their favorite recipes in the history of nutrition. The first two, by Aubrey Thamann and Kristen Ehrenberger, combine personal recollection with time-worn recipes, one for Weight Watchers "fried" Chinese chicken, and one for a typical (heavy) Central European dinner. Then, Melissa Gray and Christian J Reynolds explore stereotypically "national" dishes (Italian pasta and English Yorkshire pudding) from unconventional angles (hygiene and statistical analysis). Andrew Ruis examines the rhetoric around oatmeal as especially nutritious for children. Kimberly Voss and Anastasia Lahktikova describe mothers making do in the mid-20th century: busy D.C. journalists and poor Soviet Ukranian women. Claudia Kreklau and Salma Wasi look at "not quite foods"--organ "meats" and dehydrated food--in 19th-century Germany and World War II-era India. Finally, Lisa Haushofer takes us into the future with personalized recipes for Soylent