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As many of you know, the H-Nutrition editorial team has published a number of short essay collections on the history of nutrition featuring work submitted by all of you. This has always been a fun and engaging way to promote community engagement and create space for scholarship, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not done this for the past two years.

But H-Nutrition also has resource pages, and one of them, the Teaching Resources page (https://networks.h-net.org/node/134048/projecttype/teaching-resources), has very little content right now. As many of us are returning to classrooms, often under duress, and still more of us have developed online classes and new student resources, the editorial team would like to invite you to submit materials for the Teaching Resources page. This can be anything you are willing to "publish," that is, to make available to everyone in the H-Nutrition community, and can include syllabuses, activities, websites, or anything else that may be of use to instructors.

To contribute teaching materials, simply create a new discussion, write a brief description of the resource, and include the link and/or text. (Note that you cannot attach materials, like PDFs--everything has to be in the text of the post.)

Before you submit your post, select the appropriate category under "Item" (e.g., Lecture, Lesson Plan, Media, Podcast, Syllabus, Tutorial, &c.), select Teaching Material under "Context", and select Teaching under "Purpose". This will ensure that your post appears under Teaching Resources.

Of course, this is also a useful time to start a teaching-related discussion--feel free to ask questions or share experiences!

The H-Nutrition Editorial Team