What is a Recipe? Update #4

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Th-th-that's all folks! The Recipe Project's month-long What is a Recipe? virtual conversation has come to a close. Here are a final few gems from the many contributions scattered across social media platforms and the internet. Teaching with food and recipes has been a popular topic on H-Nutrition, and blog posts on the topic abound on the internet; here's one from the What is a Recipe? homebase over at The Recipe Project about teaching women's history through Maine recipesThis is the sleek website students made in Emily Comtois' "Food and Gender in US Popular Culture" course at Brown University. Those working before the modern period may be particularly interested in Maria Galanaki's video about a "Hippocratic" dinner menu, while you literary types might be intrigued by the Twitter discussion about food in fiction. Finally, the organizers of The Recipe Project went to the Wellcome Library to discuss recipe manuscripts and themes/lessons of the "conference": the video is available on their Facebook page.

Thanks again to all the H-Nutrition contributors. This was such a sucsessful series that if there is sufficient interest, we may reprise it next summer. Please let us know if you would like to participate.

I'd love to participate again!