What is a Recipe? Update #3

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Congratulations to the authors who participated in H-Nutrition's What is a Recipe? call: you made top billing over at The Recipes Project! Readers, please feel free to comment on the various posts; the H-Net Commons is designed to encourage this kind of interaction.

Among other goings-on as part of the What is a Recipe? happening, the folks at The Endless Knot discuss the etymology of the word "recipe." Emily Contois recounts how to read a historical coobook, which she learned from Barbara Ketcham Wheaton's historical cookbook seminar at Harvard's Radcliffe Institute (maybe you should apply for next year's session?!). Katherine Allen offers "Reflections on reconstructing eighteen-century recipes"--in her case, lip balm and pound cake. Over on Instagram, Paveen Puneet and Priyanki S. Bishnoi contemplate space and place in "A Pinch of This and a Handful of That: Food and Recipes in Kitchens of Rural North India." Nicely combining the themes of information circulation and embodied knowledge is Will Burdette's short documentary film ("Food Moves," 22 mins.) at Vimeo. The College of Physicians of Philadelphia has been tweeting some of their favorite historical recipes. Finally, even if you are not on Twitter, you can still enjoy this educational Storify on the history of saffron farming.