HEAT! A Recipes Project Thematic Series

In 2017 The Recipes Project asked scholars on a variety of platforms--blogs, Instagram, roundtables, YouTube, H-Net--to answer the question, "What is a Recipe?" You can read H-Nutrition's answers here. This year their August thematic series revolved around HEAT! Their definition of a "recipe" was broad and included discussions of heat in theories of life, female conception, preparing painting materials, body odor, and of course cooking.

New Book - Eating Culture: An Anthropological Guide to Food, Second Edition

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Author: Gillian Crowther Title: Eating Culture: An Anthropological Guide to Food, Second Edition Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Divi

CFP: Rhetorics of Veg(etari)anism

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Greetings! I am soliciting chapters for an anthology to be published with an academic press and which will cover a wide range of rhetorical perspectives on veganism as identity, practice, ideology, and discursive ecology. Broad topic areas may include, but are not limited to, the following:

CFP: What should I eat? Why?

In 2017, H-Nutrition participated in an online forum called "What is a Recipe?" initiated by The Recipes Project. This year we are collaborating with Remedia Network on the intertwined questions of "What should I eat? Why?" They lie at the heart of what has been variously described as scientific nutrition, religious tradition, or dietetics.

Nutrition News Roundup

1) Colleagues, you are probably aware of the international consternation around the United States' delegation to the United Nations threatening other countries over a resolution regarding the promotion of baby formula. It was a brief opportunity for the history of food and nutrition to take center stage. Here are two noteworthy contributions, one on the history of infant feeding in the US, the other that explains how formula fits into the world of policy and the Codex Alimentarius.


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