US Infant Formula Shortage

Given the current shortage of baby formula in the United States due a safety recall by Abbott Laboratories, I thought it might be helpful to collect primary and secondary sources on the history of infant feeding and nutrition with a particular emphasis on formula. Here are a few I could get my hands on readily.

Source of the Month: “Fare of Slaves on Plantations,” April 26, 1850 in Frederick Douglass’ newspaper The North Star

The source of the month for March is a primary source, a brief 1850 article entitled “Fare of Slaves on Plantations” and published under the name “Pract. Christian” in The North Star, a newspaper founded and edited by Frederick Douglass.

Source of the Month: Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Publications online at the National Agricultural Library

February's source of the month is an online, primary source archive of publications by the Food and Nutrition Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. This collection consists of over 600 fully digitized reports and publications, spanning the years 1969-2009. The collection can be accessed online at this link.


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