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Re: "Eating for Health": Quantifying Irish Diets in the 1970s

I'd like to do some reading on government-promoted (perhaps "sponsored") nutritional technologies of the self in the UK. Does anyone have any good references to recommend in this vein? (I'm most interested in a historical period starting around the 1960s ... but I'll gratefully take any recommendations you might have!) Thank you.

HEAT! A Recipes Project Thematic Series

In 2017 The Recipes Project asked scholars on a variety of platforms--blogs, Instagram, roundtables, YouTube, H-Net--to answer the question, "What is a Recipe?" You can read H-Nutrition's answers here. This year their August thematic series revolved around HEAT! Their definition of a "recipe" was broad and included discussions of heat in theories of life, female conception, preparing painting materials, body odor, and of course cooking.

Re: CFP: What should I eat? Why?

Just a reminder that submissions for this CFP are due by midnight (your time) on Monday, which is Labor Day in the United States. Please email if you have questions about the prompt or about technical difficulties. Vetting/editing will take place in September.

~Kristen Ehrenberger