University of North Carolina Reading List for Military History

This is the University of North Carolina's reading list for graduate students studying military history (courtesy Wayne Lee):

Reading List for the Ph.D. in Military History (2015) 


Students taking a Ph.D. in military history are expected to be familiar with the following works. They comprise 75 books plus a series of historiographical articles. In addition, the student will cooperate with their advisor in making an additional list of 25 books relevant to their geographical specialty, as well as additional historiographical articles. This additional list is not intended to be specific to their proposed dissertation. Samples of supplementary lists are available. This list of 75 is intended to provide a core competency in the field of military history, and is deliberately light on American history, as it assumes that most students will be working in American history, and thus it will dominate their own list. Although light on American history, it is still "western" heavy. One reason is that works on China, Japan, and South Asia have only had (to date) limited influence on military history as a subdiscipline. 


Those persons admitted into American or European history and who are doing Military history as their topical field are responsible for the first 25 books on this list, as well as constructing an additional list of 25 books (using this list and others available at request) related to their geographical specialty, and overlapping with their proposed dissertation research. 

The first 25 books in this list, and all the historiographical articles, should guide readings for those doing military history courses as part of their "teaching field." 


Note that inclusion in this list is not necessarily endorsement of the argument. The list was once alphabetical. It is no longer! 



Dennis E. Showalter, "A Modest Plea for Drums and Trumpets." Military Affairs 39 (April 1975):71-74. 


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John Shy, "The Cultural Approach to the History of War." Journal of Military History 57:5 (1993): 


John A. Lynn, "The Embattled Future of Military History." Journal of Military History 61 (1997): 


Jeremy Black, "Determinisms and Other Issues," Journal of Military History 68 (2004): 



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Robert M. Citino, "Military Histories Old and New: A Reintroduction," American Historical Review 112 (2007): 1070-90. 



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The Next 50 

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