H-War Policies

I. Scope, Content and Purpose of H-War


H-War is a moderated discussion group for scholars, librarians, and teachers in the field of military history. We encourage discussions and announcements concerned with any subspecialty or era of military history, but especially those that may provide opportunities for comparative and general perspectives on the entire field.


The primary purpose of H-War is to provide a forum for military historians and other scholars to communicate openly.  In this light, H-War will focus particularly on research and teaching interests, new scholarship in the field, discussions of military historiography that foster critical thinking and enhance professionalism, and the sharing of knowledge and experience about the teaching of military history, including posting and discussion of course syllabi and reading lists.  In addition, H-War welcomes announcements from scholarly and professional societies or other organizations about their journals, conferences, fellowships, and funding opportunities.  We also encourage organizers of conferences to send calls for papers and program contents and graduate students to post abstracts of their doctoral dissertations and research papers. H-War is also an appropriate forum for information on bibliographic and archival sources.



II.  Editorial Policy (with thanks to H-Genocide):


The editors strive to maintain a high-level, scholarly forum in which professionals and qualified students in this field can exchange ideas and useful information.


Because H-Net maintains a permanent day-by-day log of messages with a search engine open to anyone, we consider H-War posts as published materials. Those messages represent not only the subscriber, but H-Net, and the H-War Editorial and Advisory Board.


Thus, the editors will filter out extraneous posts and items that do not belong on H-WAR. Reasons for rejection of a posting might include its inappropriateness for this list or the editors' judgment that a post will not assist in the furthering of the scholarly dialogue. Ad hominem or otherwise personal attacks, posts that focus on non-historical topics, or other topics that do not touch on military history will be rejected by the editor on duty.


But the Editorial Board acts to avoid the outright rejection of posts as much as possible. In that interest, editors may require the editing of messages before they can be sent to the list. Edits might deal with the tone of a post or specific passages. An editor could request the splitting of a message into separate threads. In general, the editors will work with the subscriber to come to an acceptable edit for both sides.


If the subscriber believes that the rejection or the edit is unjustified, they can appeal the editor's decision to the H-War Advisory Board. Should the resolution there be unacceptable to either editor or subscriber, it can be appealed first to the VP-Networks and then the H-Net Council. Those contemplating an appeal are advised to review H-Net's procedures on such appeals.


III.  Copyright Notice.


All contributions to H-WAR fall under the H-Net Charter's sections covering copyright: "[Art. VI, Secs. G and H]: "H-Net respects the copyrights of authors whose material is posted on its lists and/or stored in its logs, fileservers,and gopher. Authors who post items to H-Net lists convey to H-Net only the right to reproduce electronically their work on H-Net lists and in H-Net files. H-Net owns the name of each subject-area list, its roster of subscribers, its on-line files, and its gopher and related files. All funds raised by advertisements and fees charged by the subject-area lists belong to H-Net and are under the control of the treasurer. H-Net's assertion of ownership is meant only to protect the rights of H-Net and shall not infringe on the copyrights of authors regarding any files or documents they may have made available to H-Net."


In general, the author retains copyright rights to publication of any submission to the list, and H-WAR and H-Net retain the right to store, disseminate with full attribution, and make available to subscribers such submissions.