Re: Campbell on Deare, 'A Tale of Two Eagles: The US-Mexico Bilateral Defense Relationship Post Cold War'

Just as a follow-up on a couple of typos:

1) Dear wrote his dissertation on Carlos Salinas, not Ernesto Salinas, and
2) The acronym for US Northern Command is NORTHCOM, not NROTHCOM.

My apologies, and thank you for reading this review.


Justin Campbell

Re: April 2018--Korea, Historically Troublesome?

Sheila Miyoshi Jager, modern East Asia historian at Oberlin College and author most recently of Brothers At War: The Unending Conflict in Korea, is writing a book on the very subject titled The Other Great Game: The Opening of Korea and the Birth of Modern East Asia, 1876-1905. It is due out from Harvard University Press in a few years.


Jiyul Kim
Oberlin College

Chinese Military History Society 2018 Conference Program

2018 Annual Conference of the Chinese Military History Society


 Meeting in conjunction with the Society for Military History, Louisville, Kentucky


Thursday, April 5, 2018



Session 1: 8:30-9:50


Panel: “Visions of Violence in Chinese History” – Organized by Kenneth M. Swope


Kenneth M. Swope (University of Southern Mississippi), “The Rhetoric of Catastrophe in the Ming-Qing Transition”


Call for Articles, Reviews & Historiographical Essay Submissions: Essays in History

Essays in History (EiH), the annual peer-reviewed journal of the University of Virginia’s Corcoran Department of History, is currently soliciting articles, book reviews, and historiographical essays for its fifty-second issue, to appear in the fall of 2018.

EiH is a journal for emerging scholars that has been staffed and published by graduate students at the Corcoran Department of History since 1954. Each year we publish peer-reviewed articles, as well as, book reviews and historiographical essays in all fields of history.


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