TOC, Intelligence and National Security vol. 36 no. 6 (2021)

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Intelligence and National Security vol. 36 no. 6 (2021), accessible here:

Research Article


New evidence and new methods for analyzing the Iranian revolution as an intelligence failure

Matthew Connelly, Raymond Hicks, Robert Jervis & Arthur Spirling

Pages: 781-806



Circulation, not cooperation: towards a new understanding of intelligence agencies as transnationally constituted knowledge providers

Sophia Hoffmann

Pages: 807-826



The impact of AI on intelligence analysis: tackling issues of collaboration, algorithmic transparency, accountability, and management

Kathleen M. Vogel, Gwendolynne Reid, Christopher Kampe & Paul Jones

Pages: 827-848



Devil’s Advocacy within Dutch military intelligence (2008-2020): an effective instrument for quality assurance?

Alexander Claver & Huibert M. van de Meeberg

Pages: 849-862



The governance of covert action: asymmetric power and the British plan to overthrow Saddam

Thomas Eason

Pages: 863-880



The Sisson Documents and their ‘distinguished place’ in the history of disinformation

John Maxwell Hamilton & Christina Georgacopoulos

Pages: 881-897


From the Archives


French paramilitary actions during the Algerian War of Independence, 1956-1958

Damien Van Puyvelde

Pages: 898-909


Review Article

review article

From sigint to cyber: a hundred years of Britain’s biggest intelligence agency

Richard J. Aldrich

Pages: 910-917


review article

The ghosts of Russian intelligence: the challenges and evolution of Russia’s illegals program

Kevin P. Riehle

Pages: 918-924


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